Friday, June 22, 2012

Cream Booster by TALIKA

Hi all!

I've got this wonderful product from Talika, yes, a brand that kept giving us options and answer to various needs that can't be obtain by conventional ways.

Details from

NEW! Triple-action Cream Booster device combines proven LED phototherapy with micro-vibration technology and ionotherapy to stimulate cell function and increase cellular exchange.

Active ingredients in your daily skincare regimen go directly to the targeted zone deep within the cell where they can perform to their maximum potential and help you look your best.

Comes with a one-year international warranty.

This wonderful device is easily used and handy for traveling as well. Put it inside a glasses case or small long pencil case and use it when you need it. Always on a cleaned face with moisturizer on top (plus serum as well) and see the amazing result where the products actually works better with Cream Booster.

Use it by yourself and found out how unique it is. Others can't help you, the touch of your own hand will activate the product.

See the video for more details and enjoy!

Thank you so much TALIKA Indonesia, I'll keep using the products and find out if there's more that meet the eyes ^^

And this is my review after using the product over one month.

The Cream Booster is an excellent tool to be used with those rich cream that seems so difficult to absorb, such as night cream and other high ends products that's so full of prosperous material from mother earth.

I found so many luxury brand products are suitable to be used with Cream Booster, the one that contains more hydration and feels slippery on the skin and need time to absorb. Those who gives velvety effect in an instant may not be suitable to be used with Cream Booster as it would not be a proper intermediary.

I also still adore the fact that Cream Booster is small and light. I haven't use it on a flight before concerning of the safety standard and how the tool is not a common item, but it would be great to keep hydrating and using rich cream on board without being too greasy.

Overall, Cream Booster is a match for those with dry, normal to oily skin, who wants the best of their skincare to actually works for them.

For me a single battery last for a month and please do use a high quality battery as it would help the tool longevity.

Cream Booster available in TALIKA's counter for Rp. 1.200.000

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