Saturday, June 2, 2012

Motobayashi Clear Eyelash Glue

Hi all!

I give you another Japanese items for our beauty use. I like false lashes, the fact that they come in many varieties it's just too hard to resist, and yesterday after I went to Anna Sui's event and last week, Shu Uemura's, they collection of lashes are just too good to be true. I'm talking rainbow feather gorgeousness. So using false lashes become a thing I look forward too and it need a good glue as well.

Recently I get this eyelash glue from Tokyo. A store in Okachimachi have this massive items in just 100 yen. Very cheap, some works, some hmm, not so much.

Here's an item I'm going to share, an Eyelash Glue.

A simple item that apparently made in Taiwan and not in Japan. Clear and fuss free.

The small bottle gives me a VERY strong adhesive power for my lashes and careful the liquid is very watery and so easy get inside your eyes and sting like crazy, it was painful, so DO be careful.

The bad news is, since the adhesive power is super strong, it is so darn difficult to take it off as well. Highly recommend using this product if you want to use it all day, against wind and water, like when you're getting married or taking an outdoor photo shoots for bridal, or just when you want to impress your special someone going hiking or mountain climbing with him with your dazzling (fake) lashes. This is the thing for you. Camping will never been the same now.

Advice in taking it off? Use a cleansing oil and let it sit for a while before taking it off slowly. And it is almost impossible to pull the glue from the lashes, so probably ended up have to throw the lashes after using this glue. Ouch!

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