Sunday, December 17, 2017

Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip Lip Paint

Hello lovelies,

a fresh and uplifting shade like orange become a hype thanks to the Korean trend. Not because western cosmetic doesn't carry an orange shade but somehow, it is the Korean than brings in the flavor as 'new'.

Perhaps since the tone suits Asian skin, the trend made it possible. Still, as one of the most complete makeup brand worldwide, Make Up For Ever, for sure, have orange tone from slightly orange, like reddish orange, pinkish orange to fully orange like this one.


The product is in a tube container which reminds me of acrylic paints, it has a similar name as in Acrylip since the finishing appears to be like acrylic. Glossy, shiny and leathery.


ARTIST ACRYLIP covers lips with intense color and a thin, non-sticky texture for a soft shine finish.

Inspired by the bold, high-pigment acrylic paints used by artists, ARTIST ACRYLIP covers lips with intense color and a thin, non-sticky texture for a soft shine finish.
The slanted cushion applicator hugs lips with comfort, and provides uniform color in just one stroke. This versatile lip color offers multiple possibilities from lipstain effect to full coverage.


When it was first opened, the cushion applicator is white and clean. Simply squeeze the tube gently until the cushion started to 'bleed' the product inside. It looks so gorgeous when the liquid start pouring out and made the white cushion turns orange.


It is ready to be used. The cushion is soft and very easy to be used, dispensing the color on the lips. The product is like a creamy gel that does appear similar like an acrylic paint. Glossy, leathery and silky smooth.


The product is like said on the details, it can provide a thin and stained look or a full colored lips. Gradation, ombre lips, it is all possible since the product is blendable and provide several finish. If you prefer something like demi matte, just dab with tissue after applying.

Or, like it was meant to be, made them bold like acrylic paints do.


Above is my before look upon using the lip paint and below is after.

It changed my appearance to be fresher and hey, orange is not such a 'weird' color after all and we can look good in it. Somehow I always imagine orange as a very striking color that brought too much attention, now it seems pretty and interesting.


Thank you so much Make Up For Ever Indonesia for the lovely gift. It's definitely a turn on. The vivid pigmented color that glide on smoothly on the lips without any sticky nor greasy unwelcome feelings.

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