Monday, December 11, 2017

Rene Furterer Naturia Extra Gentle Balancing Shampoo

Hello everyone,

who loves to clean their hair as often as possible? I do, I really do! I can't stand sweat or anything on my hair, I want them to feel clean, smells clean, and as light and airy as possible. I have a very active scalp, hence it felt oily sooner than others, most shampoo in the market is harsh and not recommended for daily use, but Rene Furterer have one that I can happily use as often as possible.


Extra-gentle frequent-use shampoo for the entire family

NATURIA Extra-gentle balancing shampoo restores moisture and bounce to your hair, all while maintaining a balanced scalp. Its luxurious lather envelops hair in a fresh, leafy aroma.


Mint (Used for a whole range of medicinal reasons since ancient times, archaeologists have even found dried Mint flowers in the Egyptian pyramids dating back to the first century BC. Its highly prized essential oil is rich in menthol, renowned for its soothing, cleansing, anti-irritant and refreshing effects on the scalp.) , Basil (Long since considered a sacred plant in Europe and India due to its power to heal wounds, Basil leaves contain an essential oil that has been used since the Middle Ages. This botanical active ingredient has several cleansing and toning properties. Its refreshingly spicy aroma gives it balancing aromatic properties.), Caraway Also known as Persian cumin, Caraway (grows in cold climates. As the oldest spice used in Europe, its delicately perfumed fruit was used to make love potions in Egypt. Renowned for lifting the spirits and creating an optimistic mood, the essential oil extracted from its seeds has a subtle and powerful aroma. It has been selected for its aromatic properties and its ability to cleanse the scalp.).

Washing your hair every day is certainly possible, but avoid oily baby shampoos or harsh clarifying shampoos. NATURIA Extra-gentle balancing shampoo naturally maintains the balance of your scalp.


Apply a dab of shampoo and massage it into your wet scalp with your fingers. Add a little water to work into a lather.
Carefully rinse, preferably with cool water, until clean.
Daily use.


The product is simple, kind, and really gentle, the whole family even my kids are using it. I can wash my hair daily, sometime even twice a day when I'm really active, like sweats like nuts... wait, nuts doesn't sweat, hmm, like a mom who do chores all by herself, or perhaps a non stop run in marathon, in this perfect Jakarta weather where the sun shines so brightly and we are lucky if the temperature somewhere below 30 degree Celcius. Yes, we are in a hot weather daily, hence making small movements made me feel so hot. This is the thing that saves my hair and my mood to be honest.

The kids can happily use it as it doesn't made them sick, no harmful chemicals nor stuff that harsh. This simple, pure and gentle shampoo works in cleaning as well preserving the scalp and hair as it is. Doesn't stripe them dry and made their condition covered in silicone nor anything that doesn't belong nor beneficial for the scalp and hair.

The hair will smells greenly good and for me, I still use some conditioner or mask. For the kids, they just use this shampoo without conditioner nor mask.

From my husband oily and sensitive scalp to my dryly damaged hair, to the kids gentle scalp and healthy hair, we can all use this shampoo and be happy with it. Definitely recommended and surely we'll continue using it.

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