Monday, December 4, 2017

Vidal Sassoon Light & Soft Nude Shampoo

Hello lovelies,

still looking for that perfect shampoo? The key is easy peasy, always look for a non silicone ones that cares for the scalp and hair growth, contain no sls or sles, and of course no paraben. But it's hard, especially in Indonesia, not a lot of brand mass produce this kind of product. While the world has keep evolving with the best and safer thing for daily use, we are kinda stuck, many brands still 'proud' giving us silicone inside their shampoo and claim to be the best for dry hair (sighs).


Seems like I'm having so much trouble finding details for Vidal Sassoon from China on google, like it was impossible. So this post is made solely from my experience using it.

Start from the packaging which I really like, it's red as any other Vidal Sassoon trademark product but since the theme is nude, it has that transparent part on the bottom. It's clear and it's the first of VS product with clear packaging.

And one of my favorite key feature is the pump bottle, I always love shampoo in a pump bottle, it's simple and more hygienic. It doesn't allow spills and mess in the shower room and usually comes in a right portion on each pump. But traveling with a pump shampoo is a challenge :D


Nevertheless, the details is mostly in Chinese on the back side and the front has some English details so I know that this is a nude shampoo where silicone is not included. When you happen to have dry hair and oily scalp, most shampoo in Indonesia are addressing the hair problems and made my roots worse, like the oils is just unbearable, silicone also add stickiness. So this is a clean option with a lightness and not adding  problems to my scalp and hair.


The shampoo is a clear gel that smells fragrant, lathers on beautifully on the hair and abundantly without causing my hair to feel tautly dry. So there's no squeaky clean feeling like there's tons of surfactant.

The clean feeling that it gives is pleasing and comfortable, the scalp and hair are both happy. Usually the option is rather the scalp or the hair only and no in between, but this one made the scalp cleans really well and the hair still feel manage-ably soft (of course I still have to use conditioner) compared to other shampoo for oily roots that strip the hair barren.


So far, the shampoo shows a good interaction with a colored hair too, they don't really preserved acid color hair but doesn't remove them all at once, it's somewhere in between since acid hair color means they will be loss in every washes. Conclusions, in terms of perfect for the colored hair, I would say, yes.



a shampoo that everyone can use, thanks to it's light and soft formula. Smells so fragrantly good and never overwhelming. Perfect for dry, colored, damaged to even normal hair with no problems. Love the silicone free formula that made my scalp happy.

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