Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Bioderma Year End Gathering

Hello lovelies,

a few days ago I went to an event with Bioderma to celebrate the year end. As the gathering goes inside Greyhound restaurant in Grand Indonesia, we are greeted by a Dermatologist, Diela Maharanie and Dea Karmia (Bioderma Indonesia Brand Manager).


In the event, we are talking about the importance of keeping our skin well, whether it's on holiday or on daily basis. Bioderma, a brand that was made by Biologist help deliver effective result as he understand the skin itself as a living thing.

From sensibio, hydrabio, to many others including for the body, Bioderma continue to produce more variant and items to many different needs.  

I personally always use skincare whenever and wherever I am, I just need to adapt the products according to the area or skin needs at that moment. Like during winter holiday, I'll focus on hydration with a bit more oils as it helps retain water better. Or more hydration in a light or gel like texture in a humid and warm climates. Everything need balance, so when the skin wants water, we give them water, when the skin is need protection, we deliver, like this spray sun protection from Bioderma called, Photoderm Max.


Aside from the arrays of products shared on our table, the event also deliberately made in the collaboration with Guardian and Diela Maharani, one of the top illustrator that not just famous in Indonesia but worldwide.

She made a pretty design for a cosmetic bag, inside there's Bioderma's iconic products, the Sensibio, especially Sensibio H20.


And I never failed to notice there's a huge 40% sale on Bioderma packages. Heehee, I just got mine last week and now I have some more. There's no way I would let my self run out of Sensibio H20, it will always be on my dressing table for anytime I needed it.

The pouch beserta isinya dijual dengan harga Rp 299.000. Psst!!! Don't forget to join the quiz on @Bioderma_Indonesia where you could win one for yourself.


After a short introduction and speech from Diela, sharing about her thoughts on the design, everyone who came that day and have the pouch can have her signature on the spot. It was a rare opportunity and precious one.

Aside from the purchase, everyone who came can participate and win a lot of prices, don't forget to tune in to their instagram account alongside with Guardian too so you wont missed a thing.


We have so much fun during the event, the chat, the ambiance, the products and everyone share the same common ground, our love for Bioderma.


Last but not least, thank you so much for having me.


See you again soon!

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