Thursday, December 21, 2017

Guerlain Intense Liquid Matte

Hello lovelies,

I wish you are all well at this moment, especially we who lives in Indonesia and in an epidemic area, do be careful. Whenever possible, vaccine is indeed important and necessary.

Nevertheless, we always have to keep being positive in mind and attitude, it's not easy at times but let's make the best effort possible, during this times. After all, it's the most wonderful time of the year.


And one of those wonderful things is this, heehee, yes, beauty product. Guerlain sent me these amazing products to enjoy during holiday and seems like, nowadays, it's one of my treasure.

From perfume, base makeup, to lippies, let's discuss about their Intense Liquid Matte, shall we?!


Creamy velvet lip color longwear that comes in the most gorgeous shades. 7 shades, feels like not enough, not really, they come in the reddest red to plum, nude and pinks to orange. Even thou they seems like 7, but there's no confusion between the shades, remember how some brand have tons of shades yet a few of them looks very similar?!

So 7 seems like an adequate choice, especially when they are this good.


Guerlain invents Intense liquid Matte: a smoothing matte liquid lipstick that’s easy to apply: creamy like a gloss and pigmented like a lipstick, with a stunning matte finish. A smoothing texture, which gives to the lips a highly pigmented and long lasting plumping look. The formula based on hyaluronic acid and tiger grass ensures a soft and enjoyable sensation. Seven captivating shades have been created for every mood.

Intense liquid matte is perfumed with « floriental », a delicate and light scent of vanilla.

1. The new generation of hyaluronic acid brings volume and curve to the lips.
2. The extract of tiger grass smooths the lips to give them a perfecting and irresistible look.

Directions for use

1. Apply Liplift primer before lipstick and slightly beyond the lip contour, then blend in with the fingertips.
2. Apply then Intense liquid matte on the lips for a mesmerizing matte effect!


I have all the praises for these babies, get yourself ready. From the container that so smooth and indeed shows their price and level. It has a very subtle yet firm click sound when closed properly, the handle, molded edges, the solid black container, the tip of the wands, the shape of the sponge, the feeling when touches the lips, it was a very detailed experiences knowing that every single thing is well thought of.

Given to me are Tempting Rose and Exciting Pink.


Below is me using Exciting Pink, the sensation on the lips is superb. It's hydrating yet velvety, soft, delicate yet strong in pigment, smells so good yet comfortable for the nose and senses. It's makeup but contain ingredients that is good for the lips. It's fulfilling.


It's not super matte nor waterproof but smooth, moreover, so smooth and convenient when used. Perhaps have the most convenient texture I've tried. Kinda addicting to keep on using it again, and again, and again, on every occasion and every season.


And here are my pictures using Tempting Rose. Even the names are spot on, right?! Exciting Pink is more bright and vivid while Tempting Rose is indeed tempting and still demure like rose.

I love both colors and I can imagine using them everyday on events too. I love how my lips appear fuller, soft, flawless and like they are never been dry before. In facts, my lips are actually filled with chaps, even without using the lip primer, Intense Liquid Matte still works like wonder.



a product that I really love and enjoy using. The beautiful gradated container, that works super smooth, engrave with Guerlain in gold, the tip sponge that works like a charm, and the product, of course, contain irresistible color, pigment and ingredients that benefit the lips as well as made them looks like million dollars lips. The 3D effects, adorable and pretty scent, with pleasurable coating experience that not just looks good, they feels good too. Mesmerizing!

Thank you so much Guerlain Indonesia.

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