Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tokyo Belle Eyelash Extension

Hello lovelies,

I just got back from an eyelash extension procedure at Tokyo Belle.

Located at Pacific Place Mall the tiny branch is tugged right before the end of the tunnel to the next building and it's on Basement 1 level. It is not that easy to find the location if you're not happen to pass by.


Invited by Kawaii Beauty Japan, I went for an eyelash extension which took around 60-90 minutes. The length of time depends on the numbers of lashes you have, the more the longer it is.


The service itself cost around Rp. 1.500.000 and last for 3-4 weeks. So if you want them to last longer, you have to take good care of the lashes by not exposing them to water for the first 24 hours, avoid any oil base cleanser on the lashes, never tug, pull, or touch the falsies roughly, and careful when you put on your glasses as they might stuck in between.


This is me, in front of Tokyo Belle, the design is very pretty, stylish and looks luxurious.

If you want to find out more about Tokyo Belle, do visit their official website: HERE.
They also have other branches at Panglima Polim and Kemang Village.

Do contact each representative branch for appointment and details accordingly.


Since the place at Pacific Place only cater 1 treatment at a time, I need to rush and get in before the next appointment come. Yes, it is fully booked today. So if you want to come, please make a reservation first for your convenience.


This is the room for eyelash extension, a treatment bed, blanket, comfy pillow, huge mirror and tons of Japanese magazine. Yes, Tokyo Belle is from Japan and they do bring their services with pride.

On the selection, I can choose a look I want for the lashes. There's natural, glamor, sexy and cute. I choose sexy, where the lashes are getting longer at the outer side. So it's like a cat eye look.

For the natural, this is the perfect choice for those who look for a longer lashes without adding drama.
The glamor is long and thick. Each lash consist of two lashes instead of one like the rest of the options.
Cute is where the center of the eyelashes is the longest, so it is shaped like the eyes.

Each of the lashes are attached to our natural lashes.

After choosing the length of the lashes (yes, you can choose the length too from 11mm, 12, 13 and 14 mm), you can also choose is it going to be curly or normal. I'm sexy curl ^__^


I'm happy to see they only use a good quality products for the service and everything here is clean as well.

The staffs are trained really well and in good manners to. This is a standard for a Japanese brand.


Everything is neatly provided and the treatment can begin asap. I don't have to remove my contact lenses during the treatment and assured as well by the glue used also safe around the eyes.

I'm not allowed to open my eyes during the whole service, what do I do? In a comfortable chair, blanket, air conditioner right on top of me, and a very quiet environment? Sleep haha! This is the best service ever and shown that the service is done without any discomfort.


After finished and waking up with more energy after a 75 minutes of nap, I take a look around and found another room, this is a place for IPL therapy.

Tokyo Belle also do slimming but not available at this branch.


Since when I'm done, I'm no longer in a rush and I can take pictures of the front area as well.

They also sell products to be used for the lashes.

And of course, the result heehee.

Here are the before after look of my pre and post eyelash extension by Tokyo Belle.


I wish they also do a lower eyelash extension since the result is so good, very comfortable, light and neat as well. I don't have to use a falsies now for 3-4 weeks, heehee, or I can add one for super dramatic effect.

Still curious about Tokyo Belle?

Get long and curly eyelashes with Japanese Eyelash Extension. Extension is glued one by one with 2mm gap from your real eyelashes. This method is the most effective to lengthen eyelash and shows the beautiful feature of your eyes while still look so natural. This treatment uses hypoallergenic product from Japan.

Find them on these hashtag for instagram:
#tokyobelleid #tokyobellejakarta #salonjakarta

Tokyo Belle IG account: @tokyobelleid 

See you there!!

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