Thursday, April 30, 2015

Utama Spice Aromatherapy and Argan Oil

Hello lovelies,

these are products freshly sent to me by Utama Spice. They are Argan Oil, Bergamont and Rosemary aromatherapy essential oils. And yes, they are the newest babies from Utama Spice.


Argan Oil is known as a liquid gold that pampers the skin and hair. It nourishes and moisturizes everything it touches. It promoted healing on the skin as well.

Even thou it is oil, Argan Oil from Utama Spice is not oily at all when used, in fact, it is pretty satisfying and comfortable on the skin. Like they just sunk deep into the skin and making them supple again. I wont say hydrated but more like doesn't look dry anymore. My hands are pretty much dry from the constant doing the chores at home and flakes of dead skin are visible. Using the Argan Oil on the facial skin and hair means using them by dropping a few drops on my palm first before applying and it nourish everything it touches, from the hands to the facial skin and hair. The fact that it is not greasy made so lovable.

Most hair product on the market that says contain Argan Oil usually add some more oils, those combination successfully made the product oily and greasy. Utama Spice's Argan Oil is comfortable to be used and again, not greasy.

When using on the face, it's like using a serum, on a cleaned and toned skin. Right before moisturizer.

Bergamot Essential Oil
Bergamot itself is famous for the aroma, it is citrus and refreshingly good for the mind and body too. Bergamot also drinkable (in the right doses) and can help our digestive system. Bergamot also may act as an antibacterial benefit.

I love Bergamot. Many fragrances and skincare, also toiletries are using Bergamot nowadays, perhaps it is due to the antibacterial benefit, but most of all, it's for the aroma. It is a citrus scent, unlike lemon which can be a bit sour to the smell too, and orange for too sweet at times, Bergamot is a classy and sophisticated citrus. You'll notice the 'expensive' freshness right away.

Beside using it as an aromatherapy at home, I mixed it a bit in my shower gel, it created a different layer of clean feeling on the skin and as a shower experience, yes, the citrus aroma.

1 drop on my body lotion could make a difference too, a fresher lotion for sure.

Rosemary Essential Oil
When I first thought about rosemary, all I can think of is rosemary chicken, yes, rosemary has been used in the culinary world and known as well for it's benefits. There's more, from prevent baldness, as a disinfecting mouthwash, and on skincare, it helps reduce eczema, dermatitis, oily skin, acne and last but not least stress reliever.

This is new for me, before Utama Spice sent me one, I have never use Rosemary other than cooking. Now, I'm beginning to try it as a mouthwash, just a few drops mixed with water.

And I want my hair to grow more or at least prevent hair fall, I use it on my scalp as well. The texture is oily alright, hence I'm using it 1-2 drops only and undiluted, no worries the oily feeling gradually disappear. The sensation on the skin is also unique, like a bit of warmth and the aroma is amazing. It's not as sharp like cajeput, a bit medicinal, and like that famous talc lotion used when allergies occur, I guess they are using Rosemary as one of the key ingredients. It's therapeutic alright.

Since I just starting using it on my scalp, I can't tell whether it's working or not, hopefully they do, I'll keep you updated on my instagram page @carnellin.

Thank you Utama Spice for these lovely oils.

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