Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Get Trim and Slim Down with Blink Beauty

Hello everybody,

who needs slimming? I do (both hands up). So when Blink Beauty offers me treatments, I'm happy to do the treatment...s as in more than one.

Blink Beauty located at Jalan Daksa 4, huh, where is it? Somewhere behind Senopati, an area where public transportation doesn't pass by.

Do look for a place to exercise, Syena Martial Arts Center and Blink Beauty is in the same location, with a few steps to the left.


Inside, there's this oasis hidden, a comfortable place for treatment. They offer treatments for beauty and slimming. In this post, I'll share the slimming first.

With the help from the machine called RF and Venus Freeze, customer may choose which one suits them best.

Don't forget to check on their facebook page for more information, including price, appointments number and many more, here:


First, this is Venus Freeze machine.

It looks stylish isn't it?! First, they apply a gel like formula that act like a lubricant. Then after the gel is applied on the area we want, gently, the therapist 'roll' the wand on the skin. It feels warm at first, but then gradually it will become hot and hotter. They need to keep the temperature in the 'right zone' around 40 degree Celsius so the fat will 'melt' as in it was made to help burn those fats underneath the skin layers.


The treatment itself last only for around 15-20 minutes and we're wearing this gown provided by Blink Beauty.

The wand is like an iron, and it helps to eliminates fine lines on the area where it is 'rolled'. We may choose whichever area we want, including face. So imagine loosing those double chins and lines at the same time.

For cellulite and other deeper lines, I think it has to be more than one treatment, like always, the deeper the 'scar' is the longer it takes to be healed.

Overall, the Venus Freeze treatment is a pleasant procedure done that help the figure to be in better shape and the skin to be in better condition. The treatment involve heat and your tolerance to heat itself.


The other treatment they have is using a RF machine which also have heat and electric sensation on the skin. This treatment doesn't use the same gel like Venuz Freeze but more like a very hot cream. I can not bear this cream, it felt very hot and the burning sensation on the skin is too much, it can still be felt hours after the treatment is done.

I've tried this kind of creams before, the ones that are similar are sold in the market, like chili creams, hot creams that promote slimming, this one is similar. So imagine using those very hot cream and the machine at the same time, it is too difficult for me. But, it you happen to have high tolerance on heat, you might want to try this treatment, as it promote fat burning and firming from the electric


Above is RF machine. It also can be used on area we want, so one treatment is for one area only. Their price is in the affordable zone and I find them to be way cheaper than other clinic.

And like any other treatment, it does gives an instant result, from 1 to 2 cm after 20-30 minutes to more when done routinely, once a week and for at least a month. Do help yourself with exercise and proper diet for a better result.


Thank you so much Blink Beauty for help slim and tone down my tummy area with RF and Venus Freeze.

Do stay tune for more review for Blink Beauty in the beauty department as I'll share my Oxy Jet Peel Facial and Eyelash Extention.

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