Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Musee Platinum Second Treatment

Hello lovelies!!

I'm back with my second hair removal procedure at Musee Platinum at Central Park Mall. The hair now has grown from 2 months of didn't touch nor do anything on them. I'm also happy to say that they have grow less than before. Still, I need more treatments since I want them to become super fine and much much less visible.


Noticed my fingers with the 'two' as in second treatment.

As usual, before the process begin, the staff made sure I'm not pregnant nor nursing, take medication, just had a wax, have sensitivity nor allergy and use deodorant.

So when you're about to do the hair removal process here at Musee Platinum, make sure you pay attention on those terms as well.


For me, Musee Platinum offer not just a comfortable procedure but friendly environment with high professionalism as in all of the staffs take matters into their hands, always speaks in indoor tone and gentle whisper, never act unprofessional like chatting a non-work related matter for the customer to hear, clean, disclosed and private.

Okay, I'm ready for underarm and bikini line to be hair-less. Of course, it need more than two treatments for the hair to be removed completely (or as I want it to be as not visible as possible), but I do believe we're getting there.

They start with cleaning, marking, putting stickers on spots such as pores that are opened due to previous waxing, put on very cold gel and begin. Oh, it felt a bit in the second one, apparently the first one is just a trial and no pain at all, from the second one and so on the strength level will be normal, I can say it is 1/10 now, but still very comfortable and they wont be stronger than this. I'm pleased.

Both underarm and bikini like take less than 30 minutes including cleaning the gel post procedure and the cold pack afterwards.


And remember, after each treatment, avoid hot-warm water, sun bathing, excessive sweat and exercise, using harsh chemical on the areas affected as well, swimming and for swimming it is around a week and the rest around 24-48 hours only.

Ehm, for the private part, it is best not to have sex within 24-48 hours as well, based on personal experience and those surround me ^^


In the changing room, they also put some cute diagrams on how the hair removal cycle works and it pretty much sums up all of customer's Q&A in a colorful way.

So, according to their 'experience and research' we should be hair free by the 18th treatment and 18X2 months is 36 months, that's 3 years, fiuhh, I better be patience.


I know it depends on the hormon and personal hair growth, so the '18' number may be differ from people to people, looking at my stubborn hairs, I think mine would be plus minus in the 18th heehee. I'm not making any complain here since the treatment is comfortable and quick, plus it's in the big mall where I could always have an excuse to shop >.~


I'll be back here and keep you updated at my instagram account @carnellin, I wont be blogging about each session, so perhaps in the 8th? Or when I see significant result heehee.

Thank you so much Musee Platinum and see you in two months.

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