Wednesday, April 8, 2015

AYou Beauty Konjac Sponge (black)

Hi all,

Konjac Sponge is still a favorite tool to help clean the skin with or without using a foaming facial wash. AYou Beauty also have one in black, a heart shaped 'konjac' sponge in black color.


The packaging is kawaii and look at that cutie bunny. He loves the sponge, isn't he?! And the finger poking at the sponge showing how squishy it is and fun to touched. It is in fact, is.


But it comes in a hard and hard form, it has to be immerse in water first before usage and somehow it smells sharp and I really don't like it. After a few squeeze and rinsing, the smell finally reduced by far.

Every details is in Japanese language, hence, I have difficulties understanding them.


Look at the image above and below, how it looks so different, the pores, the color and of course the texture for sure. It now become a cleansing tool that is suitable for the skin, in terms of so comfortable to be used.


The only problem I have with this sponge is how it disintegrated rather fast than any other sponge I've used.

Thank you AYou Beauty.

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