Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Kerastase 42 Days Hair Regrowth Challenge Completed

Hello all,

Finally after 6 weeks of being diligent with all the products need to be used by Kerastase, from the shampoo, a Bain Stimuliste (GL), just send to me to replace Bain Prevention which I used completely. Aminexil Force R (in tiny bottles for single usage) and Initialiste (a serum for the hair, used on the scalp like tonic and help the new growth hair to be thicker and healthier).

Actually, each weekend they recommend me to have the treatment at any salon that collaborate with Kerastase, but unfortunately I've been very busy every single weekend during this period, hence the result is mainly from the products used at home.


You may read my previous posts regarding the products and all of the details as well, HERE but I know why you're here, to see the actual result after using them. And without further ado, the result is just below.


The top part where there seems an opening since the hair is scarce, has now covered with hairs. Within 6 weeks I can see the visible result of the newly growing hair where it covers every part of the scalp nicely. Of course the result may vary from person to person but generally, I would still recommend anyone to at least try them and use it routinely, every single day, and after 42 days, you may continue the program or stop, is completely up to you. I think if I continue, the hair will grow more and more.


Thank you so much Kerastase Indonesia for the wonderful products that help my hair to grow fuller and better. The Initialiste also help the new growth hair to be shinier and thicker from the previous one. They do appear healthier too.

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  1. Hi, you just use this product at home?? Or one set?