Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nano Philosophy Cyro Treatment and Nano Cocktail Therapy

Hi all,

I'm back at Nano Philosophy for another Nano Cocktail and a needless face treatment using the Cyro machine that gives instant result. Before the face treatment, I enjoy the Nano Cocktail first that boost my health for a beauty from within.


The treatment may involve needles and infusion into the body with ingredients that are known to be beneficial to the body and therefore skin as well, on me, it gives instant rejuvenation effect. For some, it may have help them in getting sick less often, less tired too and promote well being.


Heehee that is not a peace sign, more like, this is my second treatment y'all!

I feel so comfortable here at their Hang Lekir branch. In Jakarta, Nano Philosophy is available at Hang Lekir, Kelapa Gading, and Grand Indonesia. They are also available in Bali and Malaysia.


I think their branch in Hang Lekir is the biggest and most spacious one.

After Nano Cocktail is done, I went to another room for the needless face therapy. I love this treatment so much, it doesn't involve any pain, yet it lifted up the skin in just 10-15 minutes. Fine lines are gone as well.

The following can be treated using the machine.

• Acne and Acne Scars           • Pigmentation                                   • Sagging buttocks
• Dehydrated Skin                  • Wrinkles and Fine Lines                    • Flabby or loose stomach, hips,thighs,neck
• Blackheads/Whiteheads       • Loose Skin                                       • Aged hands
• Enlarged Pores                    • Tired Grey Looking Skin                   • Small or ageing lips
• Skin Discoloration                • Excess fat                                         • Loss of volume and diminished collagen  
• Sun Damaged Skin              • Cellulite                                            • Oily Skin
• Sunken eyes                        • Sagging skin                                      • Skin Texture    
• Scarring                              • Deflated or droopy breasts


How does it goes?

The therapist applied a clear gel like formula onto the skin, if you want to look what does it look like, you can see my video at @carnellin (instagram), where I documented the treatment live.


Immediately, I look younger, where's the lines? They are ironed >.~ heehee.


It's like, I wake up with a great skin and I just had an 8 hour of undisturbed sleep.


Love love love it, this is seriously no makeup, as they removed the makeup before the facial treatment, so what you see is real.

Thank you so much Nano Philosophy and hope to see you soon!!

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