Monday, April 13, 2015

So....? BRIT and Parfums LOVE, My Love.

Hello all,

a week ago I went into one of the best market in Jakarta, and I happen to found a collection of body spray and eau de toilette from SOGEN.

Below is Parfums Love called My Love.


My Love adalah wewangian bagi para gadis yang mendambakan dan percaya pada cinta serta kebahagiaan sejati...Wewangian yang yummy dan anggun ini sangat manis dan feminin. Aroma buah Blackcurrant dan Lemon yang dicampur dengan Jasmine, Passion Fruit dan Musk akan membuat kamu menginginkan lebih!

Top Note
Bergamot, Mandarin, Lemon.

Middle Note
Raspberry, Strawberry, Apple.

Base Note
Patchouli, Sandalwood, Musk.


From the packaging to the color, you'll easily guess what's inside and how the scent would be, romantic, believe in love and so sweet. A fragrance that bring romance in the air. Flowery and dreamy at the same time.

The scent last for around 2-3 hours with delicate ends. It started as fruity and in the midst of floral, but the one that definitely become the highlight is the juicy berries and apple. Suitable for those who are fun and lovingly cheerful.


So...? Brit adalah wewangian yang edgy, diciptakan untuk gadis yang maju dalam fashion dan mandiri dalam berpikir. Aroma dari English rose, amber dan vanila akan dengan sempurna menonjolkan pembawaan mandirimu! So...? Brit

Top Note
Peony, English Rose

Middle Note
Amber, Cranberry

Base Note
Powdery Iris, Vanilla Gourmand


So...? Brit, the attitude can be noticed instantly, different, unique and unlike others.

It is full of love. The flowers are fresh and reminds me of wild flowers, later on the crisp scent will settled with powdery and a hint of vanilla after a splash of amber and cranberry.

The body mist only last for an hour or so, and you can easily use it again and again to boost the freshness.

For those who are looking for a light scent, this would be a perfect addition to your dresser. And you can choose the ones that interest you.

(So....? Collection)

Parfums Love also comes in several options, from the one mentioned here, My Love and the other twi, You & Me, and Lost in Love.

(Parfums Love collection)

Are you curious to find out more regarding these babies? Do you want to try them? Getting to know these scents better? Find which one suits you the most and bring home the product from you to review? Win some shopping vouchers along the way?

Great news, beauty bloggers are invited for an event with SOGEN Asia, all you have to do is share this post with one of the image, Parfums Love collection or So....? collection and register at the link below.

Register: HERE

20 beauty bloggers will be picked for an event with SOGEN Asia and Beauty Blogger Match Maker.

Registration closed on 16 of April 2015
Event will be held at a restaurant at Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta on 18th of April 2015 at 10.30 AM

Hope to see you all real soon!!!

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