Thursday, April 2, 2015

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Laser Anti-Spot Derm White Essence

Hi all,

Here's a serum from L'Oreal Paris made specially for a whitening or brightening effect.


The packaging and bottle comes in a shiny blue color and looks fantastic.

The essence is a serum with a pipette form.


It contain Actyl C, Adenosine, and Fibrelastyl. These three active ingredients are known to be effective and powerful whitening actions that reduce dark spots, control melanin production, and help sustaining the bright skin tone.


Please do click at any image for larger view, especially on the ingredients at the back of the box.


The texture of the product is like a milky clear liquid that feels light on the skin. When it is first applied on a clean skin and after toner, it is a bit sticky, usually after putting on the moisturizer, the stickiness will fade, so it depends on the moisturizer, I do suggest a water based gel texture moisturizer.

The serum doesn't make the skin greasy nor oily, so I think it is suitable for all skin type, from normal, oily to dry, as long as whitening/brightening in mind, this would be a suitable serum for you.

The fragrance is noticeable, it's similar to a famous body lotion from Germany started with 'N'.


It claim to reduce dark spots in 4 weeks for a fair, flawless, and radiant skin. And of course, like any other brand, it is best to use the whole series from the White Perfect series altogether.

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