Monday, April 27, 2015

OST C20 Pure Vitamin C Serum

Hi everyone,

Vitamin C is known to beneficial for our body and skin too. We need vitamin C on our daily basis in our meal and apparently it is used in many skincare as well.

Vitamin C on the skin helps them to be fairer and fights lines and wrinkle.

Introducing OST C20, a Pure Vitamin C Serum in a high daily dosage.


Produk Best-seller dengan efek tercepat Vitamin C.
Menjaga keremajaan kulit.

+ Mengandung 20% Vitamin-C murni yang sangat baik untuk kulit.
+ Mencerahkan sekaligus menghilangkan jerawat.
+ Mengangkat Komedo
+ Merupakan produk Best-seller di E-commerce no.1 Singapura
+ Merupakan produk Best-seller di E-commerce no.1 Jepang (2013)

The packaging is in bright shiny orange, and all the details is provided. From how to use, to tips in storing in the fridge after opening to ingredients too.

The vitamin C is 21,5% a very high in term of dosage. Some may wonder if it cause a sensitivity on the skin.


Linked to the sensitivity, it is recommended to use a sunscreen during day time when using the vitamin c serum.

Avoid using it near the eyes, mouth and other delicate areas, like the ones that are wounded.


Inside, there's a bottle with a dark orange clear container with pipette. So this pipette helps us to get the right amount of drops that we need, and that's only around 1-2 drops. While I always use around 3-4.

The serum is used on a cleaned skin after toner. Put it on the hand and then on the facial skin all over. I'm waiting and waiting for any sensation ti kick in, after all this is a high dose of pure vitamin c. And there's none. No tingling, no warmth, no discomfort whatsoever, it's like a thick water on the skin, a bit sticky at first but disappear after a while and then top it off with my favorite moisturizer or I can use another serum and then moisturizer. So far, so good. I don't experience any problem at all.

When it is first opened, the feeling is just like described, like using water, a slightly thick water in texture. But after keeping it on a refrigerator for safe keeping, each usage become more fun thanks to the cool temperature.


I only been using it for a week now, I'll keep you updated on my instagram @carnellin after using it for a month.

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