Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Beauty Couture 5th Treatment

Hi everyone,

This is my 5th and final treatment at the moment for a body treatment with Tri Lipo by Pollogen at Beauty Couture, Mal Taman Anggrek, Jakarta.


As usual everything is neat and tidy when the quest is arrive at the room for the treatment.

The machine, bed, clothe to be used during treatment and products to be used as well.

This time, since my regular therapist is handling other client, I'm with another one and I just found out that different therapist may result in slightly different technique.


On my last treatment, this particular therapist do a more thorough scrubs using the ginger scrub than the my usual therapist, but my regular therapist did a better job when using the machine and making sure that the liquid used as a lubricant is always put plentiful to avoid too much heat during the treatment.

So I guess, you may find the one that you like best or other therapist to suits you.


As usual, on this session I lost another cm on the tummy area. And I can pretty much say a conclusion now on the whole treatment I received.

The more you did the treatment and the more often, the better and faster the result is.
The temperature and electricity can be easily adjusted making sure that customers feels more comfortable and not pain.
There are packages that can make the price become more friendlier.
Exercise, better diet, and healthier lifestyle can help your figure to get and appear better.


Thank you so much Beauty Couture, hope to see you again soon!!!

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