Monday, July 4, 2011

Healthy Choice @Pacific Place

On Saturday night I dine at Healthy Choice, thinking that I already have a healthy meal that day thanks to Sayangi Jantungmy, why ruin it?!

There's a lot of selections here that use natural organic ingredients, and according to the price, it is indeed for upper middle class.

Most of the menus are Indonesian dish that looks so yummy, but I don't think I can eat much alone

So I buy a snack with a delicious dark cherry juice (Rp.15.000) highly recommended!!!

They also sell a lot of natural organics item from food to daily necessities like toiletries and household care. Baby's food? Yes, they have it here.

My snack quickly came by, lumpia. Hmm, I think on the menu it looks like there's 5 of them.

Here's the review for the lumpia, very crunchy skin with lovely moist filling. Love the black pepper that really bites back and the chili sauce is lovely and a must try too, there's one tangy ingredients that so addictive. Will I dine here again? Definitely, but please do keep the picture real according to the food ^__-

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