Monday, July 4, 2011

Event at Pacific Place Until 31st July 2011

 The minute you enter Pacific Place  it's so difficult to missed this giant ship at the center of all attention

Sponsored by Yupi, so you can see a lot of gummies sticking around here, no licking please.

On certain timings there will be shows too good to be missed, sorry I didn't take a pic of the balet in the air, I'm goo goo ga ga over something else.

The crowds gathering last Saturday to watch the show

Don't forget to see the decorations dangling from the top

On certain timings you can hop on board, neat!

Redeem it ASAP, I'm late for a minute and it was all redeemed for that day (limited to 150 guests)

Love the blue jellyfish decorations, they really do make efforts to them.

Do you remember when I say I'm goo goo ga ga over something else? Yes, the shopping ladies, from Mango, Esprit, Guess, and many more!! They are having sale some even 50-70% off, who can resist.

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