Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm on HerWorld Indonesia, July 2011

I've been waiting for HerWorld, July 2011 to finally published, why? Because I'm in it. As an avid magazine reader (yes, usually for beauty products and sometime fashion, as in shoes), being in one gives me a thrill on it's own. So, from now on, I'll post it on the blog too, which I should have done it years ago when I'm in Singapore, yes, I've been in HerWorld Singapore, Singapore's Women's Weekly and Simply Her, some even repeatedly but I never think of taking a pic and just remember those moments. Most of the time I'm in a magazine for a review (whoopy) and I just love beauty products and service, that's why I'm taking my part on it.

That's me with my Les Divines Alcoves Solid Fragrance from Sephora, I remember kept thinking about the product until I finally get one, it was really a divine and a must have items. It comes in many scents, mine is "you, my lord" toi mon prince (yes, that light green one), I still remember being torn between this one and the light blue one which smell powdery and so soft (too soft perhaps).

This is the article which actually anyone can take part ^_^ when choosen, heehee. I named some products from Clinique High Impact Mascara, Lip and Cheek Stain from The Body Shop, Cherry Lip Balm from Nivea to Pearl Powder from Etude, but I guess the solid fragrance is more appealing (and I think so too, it is much more unique and irreplaceable).

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