Monday, July 11, 2011

Estee Lauder New Cyber White Brilliant Cells Launching (07-07-2011, Jakarta)

Last Thursday in Grand Indonesia, Estee Lauder Indonesia is having a blast with their new addition, New Cyber White Brilliant Cells.

The decoration is all white, flowery and smell gorgeous.

 In front of me there's the range, the star of the show.

Beauty consultant immediately help me by introducing the products one by one directly to my skin. But first she cleaned my face thoroughly. There's goes my makeup, don't I look so different without makeup?!

From the lotion, serum to the moisturizer it felt so comfortable to my skin. I love the fresh white flower scents that relaxing, comforting and feminine.

Then it's sun protection, the white thick lotion, it is indeed important to put them on, especially when our country is sunny all year long. But I know how thick sunblock can make our skin feel uncomfortable.

So I tried them on and spread it.

The thick white lotion is easy to blend in and no sticky nor oily feeling whatsoever.

After I've tried them on my facial skin, the event started and Estee Lauder Indonesia, started explaining their products from our skin condition. Do you know that Estee Lauder have been researching Asian skin and over 25 years of brightening expertise? Impressive isn't it. They are the dark spot specialist. They found out that not all spots are created equal, there are 4 key spots: Barely Visible, Small Surface, Stubborn Age and Recurring (which is found in 2010), which is the toughest spots since it keep occurring in the same place due to the memory system.

So how does New Cyber White Brilliant Cells tackle these problems? First, by researching they also found out that top skin concerns for Asian women are: Skin Tone, Lack of Radiance and Dehydration, plus Asian women's spots happens in earlier age compared to Caucasian women's. There are also 4 key factors contribute to dullness and discoloration: Dehydration, Uneven Skin Tone, Disorganized Collagen, and Poor Micro-circulation (so the blood vessels under the skin is less compared to Caucasians --- so Asian skin is lack of rosiness)

Estee Lauder New Cyber White Brilliant Cells answer this call by provide hydration, reduce irritation so the melanin would not over produced, dissolve melanosom particles, melanin interception technology that stop antihistamine that trigger melanin, and by doing all these overall skin brightness can be achieve in 8 weeks but since 4 weeks you can see the differences. 

I know it's really a lot of information and I bet you still have a bunch of question regarding their products and how they actually do that and what it does to your skin. That's why Estee Lauder Indonesia also introduced you to this e-book that you can read in their counter. It help you to learn more and know the techniques, tips, etc regarding the products.

Now, all the guests are trying the products, many questions also raised from whether it is safe to be used for all skin type (yes), sensitive? yes, and all Estee Lauder's fans noticed the lovely scents and how convenient it is on our skin. Unlike other whitening products that scrap our skin to reveal the new skin within, New Cyber White Brilliant Cells brighten the skin from the cause, wonderful!

Finally it's my turn to try on the e-book, it is indeed clever and engaging. Visit Estee Lauder and learn more about their products in the most high technology available now.

Then it's coffee break, guests can have some delicious desserts and drinks.

But I'm rushing off for my make-up time with Mr. Indra. I really want to try Cyber White Brilliant Perfection, so I did, and it is lovely, again it feels so light yet the coverage is perfect.

Love the makeup I'm in ^0^

Me and Mr. Indra

Me and the blue cupcake ^_-

Me and PR of Estee Lauder Indonesia, she is gorgeous and her lovely skin is the proof of how great Estee Lauder's product is.

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