Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oleo Relax in a Kerastase Ritual At Irwan Team Salon

I've been a fan of Kerastase since 9 years ago and it is still going strong.  So whenever possible I went to a salon and do Kerastase Ritual.  My favorite is Oleo Relax for what it does to my hair. This is their definition of Oleo Relax:


Kérastase Oléo-Relax formula turns dry, coarse hair into smooth, soft and supple textures.

The Nutri-Huile Complex adds softness and shine, while silicone derivatives provide long-lasting anti-frizz protection

In Irwan Team Salon Kelapa Gading Mal they always put me in the robe, comfy, then after consultation and checking the hair and scalp condition I went for either Oleo Relax or Resistance, but today let me share with you about Oleo Relax. My hair is a bit dry and I love how Oleo Relax made me feel. The hair become so smooth and manageable, it helps me a lot during traveling, I used to do the ritual right before stressing out my hair (going to the beach) and after a stressful days too. And I also recommend the ritual before a big date ^__-

First it's shampoo time, using special technique that helps me to relax and the perfect massaging tempo it's just a must try. Love love love the scent in the shampoo and the whole range of Oleo Relax which is mildly fruity, sensual and a bit musk too. My hair is cleanse yet left with a soft and smooth feeling. My scalp sometime can be a bit oily (depends on my days) but Oleo Relax keep my scalp happy and fresh.

Second in the line is masque using a brush (just like when you're about to color your hair) section by section the therapist put them on layer by layer and after the masque spread on evenly on my hair to the ends, the smell emerging from the masque was amazing. Then it is again massage time, no no no, unlike creambath in traditional salon which require massive energy, this one is spot on and right on target, without excessive force. It was like a trained massage to help inducing stress-relieve to our senses. Then it was left for about 5 minutes, but depends on my timing, the therapist can leave me longer when I have time but 5 minutes is minimum.

Last but not least after rinsing the masque, my hair is dried and use the serum on the ends of my hairs. It was like a seal deal for a lovely perfect hair that so smooth, silky, looking straight (unlike my normal wavy unruly hair before) and so easy to manage, my hairs follows my move now and the lovely smell stays with me all day and night long. Love it!


  1. Hi, actually im searching comment from people who use Rudy Hadisuwarno and i found your website, i read 2 blogs regard the product but after that you didn't update any news anymore. So may i know how's the effectiveness after you've been used for 2-3 weeks?

  2. Hi Anon,

    Yes, a post is coming up, unfortunately no pic, so perhaps I will updated the previous post.

    Thank you for reading ^_^