Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mr. Curry

For anyone who claims to love Japanese food would have known curry as one of their favorite, and to those who claim to love Japanese curry must have known Mr.Curry.

Mr. Curry as one of the house produced by Waraku, hmm name of Pasta De Waraku ring your memory bell?

Many choices is here, you have no worries in terms of selections. That is my sis, we both Japanese food lover, don't she look so happy we are about to dine in there.

And we are officially starting the meals here, one of the quickest item arrived is kids meal for my girl. Mango-Nyan Curry Set that looks so cute and don't you see how happy she is, and it comes with a free toys too. For me the meals is much more healthier and more delicious than any other restaurant where usually the kids meal only spin around junk food. It's mom and kids approved!

Then it's time for the grown ups, only in Mr.Curry we can choose up to 4 different curry, from original, red, white, and black sauce. I got to be honest, I like them all, the original is all time favorite, the red is fresh with tomatoes and gives me that zing, while the white is milky creamy and the black is so rich in flavor, I have troubled in terms of choosing the one, and usually I never go alone so each of us can have different kinds each time.

The meat goes along with the curry is abundant too, from chicken, beef, to seafood. Not really much of a meat person? Than you can order with veggies, sausages? Sure, they got it too. Even the beef can be choose between patty, minced or sliced. Now you really run out of excuses not to try Mr.Curry isn't it?! Mr.Curry really take curry seriously and showing customer they are really specialized in curry and all it's glory.

I've tried pretty much almost everything but I haven't try the curry with pasta, will do on my next visit. And I hope it is soon ^_^

Okay, this pic is the original sauce, I just want to show you the thickness of it, it was full of flavor, delicious yet not overwhelming. For me it goes down really well with rice and fried food. The mixed between crunchiness of a deep fried food and soft yummy curry and a warm fluffy white rice is unbelievably satisfying.

Try the stewed curry set too, perfect for a cold rainy days. The salad also fresh and lovely for any health conscious people and my kid never have a problem eating them, they are decorated well and like any Japanese product, it's all about presentation and quality.

You still have many option from Gratin, Risotto, Sandwiches, Nan-bread pizza, and other items for your meal. Either lunch or dinner let Mr.Curry gives you the right kind of satisfaction in a meal. Oh and I do recommend the curry for dine in only, but if you love sandwiches or pizza, they are good to go too.

Don't forget their drinks, presented in a jar that somehow appealing too.

Last but not least, the delicious dessert that any kid or those young at heart will love. So come here and never come alone, the portion is abundant and your eyes can easily be tempted by how good their presentations are. When you come in a group you can share each other food, this place also family friendly, the atmosphere and ambiance is perfect for hanging out.

This July 2011 they opened a new branch in Mal Taman Anggrek and if you want to be kept updated join their Facebook page and twitter too.


  1. Your pictures remind me of Katsu Curry we used it eat >,<

  2. My pictures reminds me how good they taste . . . drool