Monday, July 4, 2011

Sharing Health with the Love of Oat

Hi friends,
This is probably the longest post ever ^_^, but it's about health, so it should be long heehee.  I've been MIA for 2 days but I'm going to share all of you what's my weekend like.

First thing first, on Saturday morning where me and my family (by this I meant my husband and child) will wake up late, like really late that it made a sun screaming with heat. But I was invited by Mr. Agus for movement (love your heart). So located in Q Smokehouse (Senopati) we have a Saturday brunch (10 AM) with all the ingredients using oat, almost no sugar, and no salt.

It is known that heart disease and stroke is a number one killer in the world, so this movement emphasis on the health of a heart, by exercise and by food. Discussion today: By food.

Yes, a lot of yummy food to be exact, from Nasi Bakar to delicious snacks that can filled you up with nature goodness. But hey, why oat? Oat is a soluble fiber that if we consume it in a right way, it can help reduce the risk of heart disease, and it doesn't stop there, from colon cancer to better digestion system either for a general health to anything specific.

Yet, so far many of us consume oat with sugar and milk, cookies, or well, that's it. Oh yes, those oat bars. But do you know sugar is not good for you if you take it more than 12 teaspoon (not table spoon). And for salt, about 2300 mg which is much lower than what usually we know 6gr (and it is really low to what we consume every day). Are we able to eat food without salt?

Chef Winny will share to us how. But let me share with you some of the guest here:

Picture above is Me, Ninit (Urban Mama), and Santhi Serad ( a food scientist), wow, I'm among great people ^_^

Three of us with Chef Winny

All of us together (lucky people gathered by Mr. Agus)

Now it's food tasting time!! Yes, the main of the event is eating, here are some of the guest eating delicious chicken satay (yes, oat in here too), so yummy. Besides Nasi Bakar and Chicken Satay there'also broccoli and cheese, Muffins, Pizza, and still many more. It's all about our own set of mind. Oats itself can easily 'blend in', as for me I'll start with oat and rice, Chef Winny told me how, cooking the rice as per usual with rice cooker, the minute it is cooked while it's still steaming hot pour, the oat accordingly and mix in gently just to make sure there are almost well even. The oats will melt and become one with your normal rice. It is a simple and easy way for my family to digest oats daily.

You can start by mixing the oat 80 to 20 (rice to oat) to 50 to 50, adjust in your own way and keep increasing the oat.

I will share with you some of the recipes (in Bahasa Indonesia), if you need in English please ask Google to translate them ^o^

Quaker Oat Muffins

Bahan Muffin:

·        250 gr tepung whole wheat

·        125 gr Quaker Oat, sangrai hingga mengeluarkan aroma

·        2 sdm gula (optional)

·        3 buah apel Fuji, potong dadu bersama kulitnya

·        2 sdm kismis

·        Sejumput Garam

·        3 butir telur, kocok hingga tercampur

·        2 butir kuning telur

·        180 ml susu (bisa diganti dengan susu kedelai)

·        60 ml minyak sayur

Bahan taburan:

·        2 sdm tepung terigu

3 sdm gula palem (brown sugar)

¼ sdt bubuk kayumanis

2 sdm mentega dingin

Aduk semua bahan dengan menggunakan garpu sampai berbentuk butiran pasir

Cara Membuat:

Panaskan oven sampai 180 derajat Celcius terlebih dahulu

Olesi cetakan muffin dengan mentega

Lelehkan mentega dan masukkan potongan apel hingga harum. Angkat

Campur tepung, Quaker Oat, garam dan gula (bila suka)

Campur minyak sayur, susu, dan telur hingga rata kemudian tuang kedalam campuran tepung,   aduk sampai merata. Setelah itu masukkan apel. Aduk.   

6.    Tuang adonan ke dalam cetakan, taburi dengan bahan taburan yang sudah disiapkan. Panggang selama 15 menit atau hingga berwarna kecoklatan.

(untuk 22 buah)

Pangsit Goreng Quaker

Nikmati pangsit goreng Quaker dengan mie favorit anda atau sebagai kudapan sore hari.

Bahan-Bahan :

·       20 lbs kulit pangsit siap beli

·       100 gr Quaker Oats

·       50 gr ayam cincang / udang cincang

·       20 gr daun bawang cincang

·       30 gr rebung / bengkoang cincang

·       ½ sdt minyak wijen

·       ½ sdt gula pasir
·       ½ sdt garam

·       ½ sdt merica bubuk

Cara membuat :

1.      Campur Quaker, aya/udang cincang, bawang, rebung/bengkoang, aduk sampai rata.

2.      Masukkan pada lembaran wonton/pangsit, lipat dan pelintir.

3.      Kemudian kukus dalam dandang panas 15 menit hingga matang.

4.      Angkat dan sajikan dengan kuah kaldu ayam yang telah diberi sedikit merica bubuk, garam, minyak, bawang putih cincang dan taburan daun bawang serta dapat juga ditambahkan pokcay yang telah direbus.

Bubur Ayam Quaker

Bubur ayam untuk variasi menu sarapan


·        100 gr Quaker Oats Quick Cooking

·        50 gr daging ayam cincang

·        3 siung bawang putih (haluskan)

·        2 siung bawang merah (haluskan)

·        2 sdm minyak goreng

·        1 sdt minyak wijen

·        ½ sdt bumbu kaldu ayam

·        3 tangkai seledri (potong halus)

·        500 ml air

·        Kecap asin dan lada secukupnya

·        Kulit pangsit yang dipotong kecil-kecil dan digoreng

Cara Membuat:

·        Bumbu Bubur:

o       Panaskan minyak dan masukkan bawang lalu aduk-aduk hingga kecoklatan

o       Masukkan daging ayam dan sedikit kecap, aduk rata hingga matang lalu sisihkan

·        Bubur Quaker:

o       Masak Quaker Oats dengan air dan bumbu kaldu ayam hingga mengental

o       Masukkan bumbu bubur, minyak wijen, dan kecap secukupnya lalu aduk rata

o       Tuang hidangan ke dalam mangkuk, taburkan bawang goreng, seledri, dan kulit pangsit goreng

o       Hidangkan dalam keadaan hangat (untuk 2 mangkuk)

And it's still so many things you can do with oats, don't feel like eating them? How about drinking them? Blend it smoothly add your favorite fruit juice and have a healthy cold drinks that also fills you up.

Still hungry for more recipes, tips and all the fun about taking care your lovely heart? Check out their website and Facebook, plus twitter too!


  1. terima kasih Mbak Carnellin sudah berkenan hadir di acara kemarin :) semoga semakin semangat untuk menerapkan gaya hidup sehat untuk jantung yang lebih sehat :)

  2. Thank u for having me ^o^

    Setuju! Semoga acara kemarin membangkitkan saya, ortu, suami, anak, pokoe semua yang disekeliling saya untuk mulai lebih perhatikan jantung kita ini, maksudnya, semoga gaya hidup sehat untuk jantung 'menular' buat semua disekelilingku ^_^

  3. You totally ROCK! You just made my life easier to add such scrumptious fitness recipes in your blog. I was hurry to cook, Perfect! Thanks for bunch of recipes.