Monday, July 4, 2011

HongKong Cafe Central Park

When it is public holiday last week me and my family went to HongKong Cafe to redeem the voucher, unfortunately the voucher is not valid for public holiday, limited to 3 days after claiming and many more T&C. Bummer!

The decorations inside the restaurant is very nice and rich with culture. Love the plates on the walls.

The first food come to our table is Ha Kau, which is soft and delicious, but reminds me with CP brand (you know, frozen type and just steam it up) . . .  the similarity of the taste is like 2 peas in a pod.

This is our main course all of us is ordering noodles. My sister is ordering 7 spices beef steak noodle, my dad is ordering beef brisket noodle, and I order HKC Nissin noodle (which take the longest wait like 20 minutes after my dad and sis FINISH their meals).

Yes, we took a lot of pictures when waiting for our food, it is kinda crowded but definitely far from full packed restaurant and we seriously don't know the problem. HongKong is always known as a fast in everything, including serving meals.

My mom's dessert is here, it was so sour, perfect for my mom taste bud. mango Kiwi shaved Ice.

I really like the Famous HK milk tea, slurp!

The full menu, you can also check out their website:

Then my noodle finally came, oh my, the attitude of the staff is exactly like in HongKong, didn't care much and I definitely didn't feel welcomed here.

My review: The noodle, sauce and flavor is exactly the same like what all of us order, the difference is just the topping. Why bother?! Really! So why mine took forever to be done with, it's the same, or perhaps they put the wrong ones that day? None of us want to know. We've been to HongKong, Singapore and many other places and really know how noodles can have different flavour, how come in here all different dry noodles can taste the same. Dissapointed -__-

Next time will try their rice meals or those looking good thick toast, but definitely avoid the noodles at all cost, btw they are a bit soggy.

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