Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sehat itu Nikmat. -Healthy can be Delicious-

Today at Omah Sendok around 2-4 PM the media and I was invited for a talk show with Dr. Sari Mumpuni, SpJP (heart specialists) and Chef Winnie. The theme is 'Sayangi Jantungmu' (love your heart) which is actually also held weeks ago for bloggers. You can read the previous event here and get some recipes too, oh yes, if you still need more recipes I have plentiful, Mr. Agus the PR has handed me many many recipes to go with.

The place is gorgeous and many media came and I hope they learn a lot like I do regarding the health of our heart. The event main purpose is sharing about how by consuming oat it can help our heart to be in better shape. Yes, again, it's not a miracle food, by maintaining healthy daily activity, diet and proper work out too. They like a synergy that works together and oat itself when we consume 70gr per day can help lowering blood cholesterol, that in the end help prevent coroner heart disease and cardiovascular.

Oat is the only soluble fiber that contained beta glucan that control cholesterol in the blood by binding the cholesterol in the digesting system. The 'trapped' cholesterol can be excreted from our body naturally.

There are 8 steps for a healthy heart.
1. Know Your Risk Factor - It means genetic or hereditary disease.
2.Choose Healthy food.
3. If you are overweight, try to reach your ideal weight and keep it.
4. Make a daily exercise routine and follow it.
5. Check your cholesterol and blood pressure level periodically.
6. If you're smoking, STOP! and if you're not, STAY AWAY from those who do, second hand smoke is still dangerous.
7. Don't Ignore the early signs. Burning sensation in your chest, through your upper ribs, jaw, neck and upper arm.
8. Heart Disease is the main cause of death.

Then there's many slides that explain us risks factors of Coronary Artery Disease, types of cholesterol, nutrition, diet, hypertension, and many many more that can contribute to heart disease which some of us already heard, know or perhaps see it first hand when it happen to maybe or friend or family member, yet, many of us somehow neglect the fact that, IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU TOO. Yes, all of these is real. If it happen to someone else, it can happen to us. If we didn't do anything to prevent it.

Gerakan Sayangi Jantungmu (Love Your Heart Movement) is here to share with you what you CAN do to keep yourself alive, healthy, and well. It is a strong message and it's for us. It's for our well-being. There are many thing in this world we can't control, but some things we can, like things that we do, choose to do, what we eat and what we choose to eat. Food have a big impact in our life, since from food we get energy, nutrition, benefit such as minerals and other important 'fuel' for our life.

Chef Winny and her own personal experience in keeping her dad healthy and with the appetite of a 10 years old boy, she manage to make dishes that is healthy and yummy too. The food presented here today is no different than during the previous event, but the message is stronger. Really glad I was a part.

This is Mr. Agus, the PR for Sayangi Jantungmu, he lost 20 KG by maintaining healthy habit and diet, he used to weight over 90 KG, blood pressure 200, and feel the strain on his neck. And the MC of the event is diagnosed with diabetic, and now she is maintaining her health with her diet. Yes, powerful people that has conquered health issues in their life are here to share how important it is to take good care of your self when well, when you feel rock bottom, but do you need rock bottom to be back up there and healthy? Wait no more, take care yourself now and take some action.

Don't forget to open and get started. Your health is in your hand, and your families too.


  1. huwaaaa aku tampak samping masih terlihat gemuk heheheh .. thank you Mbak ... very inspiring article

  2. Mas Agus!!! You should be proud of yourself!!! 20 KG and if you kept maintaining healthy habit, you'll keep getting better, be proud ^_^

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