Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ice Blue Shampoo by The Body Shop

Info from TheBodyShop-USA.com:
The Body Shop® difference: Fall in love with The Body Shop all
over again and rediscover your green passion. Our Originals range of products embraces the passion and values

of The Body Shop with a selection of products inspired by our most iconic formulations to cleanse and

moisturize at prices you'll love!

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel

Is clinically proven to soothe and nurture the skin, and is naturally grown in Guatemala by our Community Trade Partner, The Guastatoya Farmers, Learn More
Our Aloe products contain no preservatives, dyes, fragrances or soap

Support Community Fair Trade

Values are at the heart of everything we do at The Body Shop®. Whether sourcing ingredients using our pioneering Community Trade program, or taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint, our values drive us to create naturally-inspired beauty products and be better corporate citizens. Developed using the world's first fair trade aloe vera, our premium, preservative-free Aloe range supports the best of these efforts.

Naturally grown in Guatemala by our Community Trade Partner, The Guastatoya Farmers, it is hand-picked, hand washed and filleted within 12 hours of harvesting to ensure that its soothing natural qualities are maintained. So you can pamper your sensitive skin and your compassionate heart knowing that your purchase provides vital income to farmers in a country where half the population earns less than $1 per day.
Learn More about our fair trade programs.



Helps to stimulate the circulation and refresh the skin.

Selling price in Indonesia is Rp.79.000 which is in a very affordable price yet the result is something you've been looking forward in a product worth twice or thrice the price. It was amazing and my instinct is so right! The minute I saw this product coming back 'alive' on the shelves I have this urge to get it, like a must have tick tock on my head. It bothers me a lot, so I buy it the minute I saw weakness in my husband's.

Yes, downside of not 'officially working' is I don't have legit earning, so I depend on my husband in terms of money, wow, too much info in the morning. Okay, back to the review. Love love love the product for these reasons:

1. IT IS BLUE!!! The color is deep blue, like a clear pacific ocean, or better those dark color blue in poles, either side of it.
2. The gorgeous smell of ice, menthol and anything in between. Funny thing thou' I love floral fruity scents yet this shampoo is a refreshing addition to my collection.

3. SO easy to lather up before putting them on my scalp and hair. I can also mixed it first with a bit of water or use an empty bottle and shake all things up before applying. Oh yes, always do this with your shampoo, applying directly will be too harsh for your scalp and hair, ANY shampoo should be treated like this.

4. Enjoy the foam and lather on my hair and scalp as it cleanse, refresh and love the menthol effect. Noticed how many times I said love?

5. The after effect is fantastic, no waking up in the morning and take showers as a chore and boring days, it is fab during hot days, humid days, or even traveling. Okay, you got no reason not to use it . . but if you are allergic to one of the ingredients thou'.

Last but not least, the price!!!

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