Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Clarins Emotion 105

Here's what I found from a website:
Clarins Le Rouge Pearl Shimmer Lipstick - Emotion 105 - Make Up (Clarins)

A seductively sheer lipstick with soft, shimmery sheen Offers luminous color that lasts for all day long Protects lips against moisture loss & daytime aggressors Nourishes lips while keeping them supple & comfortable Brings a natural, sophisticated & charming look Dermatologist tested

and here's my review:

The highly shimmering lipstick for me is to be used with a brush, not directly to the lips and usually on top of another color, so the shimmering effect is like a frost bite on my lips. The light pinkish color is still too pale for me to use it alone. I must say I still love the moisturizing effect on my lips, it does stay on longer than the color.

All Clarins lover must have know that this is NOT a new product but you can still find it sold here and there (oh yeah, like the internet) but I'm not recommending them to be bought outside Clarins.

Mine is Emotion no 105.

The pinkish color is so light and more to the shimmering effect that if you smear it on your lips a lot of glittery shiny effect will come. Perfect for summer fun!

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