Sunday, July 31, 2011

Time Zone from Estee Lauder after 2 weeks

As you can see in the picture I've finished the 15 ml tube after 2 weeks of usage day and night. Please read the previous post regarding how I started and the combination which I begin with ---> HERE

And here is my review after 2 weeks of using this wonderful product. I like how versatile it is, I can use it day or night since it is not divided, so the moisturizer for me is light enough as a day moisturizer yet still gives me the protection my skin need at night for a long sleep. The white gel-creme texture is a delight, I'm not the number one fan of the scent but I love the feeling it create on my skin. It's just soft , simple and hydration, hydration and hydration.

Combine with Perfectionist (CP+) for day and ANR at night, is just powerful for me. My skin feels the reversing 'energy' to stay smooth and less wrinkle in parts I use the serum+cream on. I see that fine lines near the eyes and cheeks are far more relaxed than before, my dry zones like cheeks are hydrated, yet the t-zone stays normal (not oily), it feels comfortable for a long wear. So twice a day is enough for me.

Conclusion: a high quality product that suitable for daily use, it's not a wonder cream that can do magic smoothen the skin from the first use, but you'll noticed the hydration from the first use and less fine lines in the count of days.

Oh and sometime during day use I mixed the Perfectionist (CP+) with ANR too, just can't let ANR go ^_^

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