Sunday, July 24, 2011

Omo! Chicken Central Park is Officially Open

Yes, they are open! Don't missed out y'all. They have many giveaways and contests right now, come and join the fun! Get that cute chicken, around 30 cm high and these plush toys are for the first 30 only.

Yesterday, winners of Omo! Chicken contest in FB and Twitter are having a blast since they are in for a treat. All you can eat celebrations is here!! Yum yum yums!

They do provide plenty for seats indoor and outdoor. It's a bit hot in the day but imagine dining these wonderful delicious wings at night with a cold drinks on your hands.

Which one to choose? Spicy, tomato, or soya?

Oh those scrumptious rice balls!

Envy? Join their family and 'like' their facebook page plus follow them on twitter, so you wont missed on them again!

Are you there yet?

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