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Craving for Satsuma (The Body Shop) -Shower Gel, Body Puree, and Hand Sanitizer

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Who love satsuma from The Body Shop family? My husband and me. The aroma is like bursting with citrus, not that sourness, but freshness of a citrus can be. We love it!!

The whole collection of The Body Shop are keep on growing, fruits, flowers, and nuts (^0^) lover are able to use their favorite series from the first layer to the end. The first layer is shower gel, then they also have the body polish, puree lotion, body butter, body spray and edt. Nice right?! Now, as the hand sanitizer has received a lot buzz thanks to the pocketb** ^0^ The Body Shop don't want to missed this opportunity and share their formula too.


Here's the first item, Satsuma Body Puree

Product description
Best if you want to: Keep your skin firm and supple with a light, refreshing gel moisturizer that absorbs easily and has an energizing citrus scent.
Best for: normal skin
How it works:
  • Satsuma essential oil moisturizes skin and provides a natural citrus fragrance.
  • Orange fruit water is rich in vitamins C and H to revitalize and tone skin.
  • Community Trade shea butter contains antioxidant vitamins A and E to protect and nourish skin, while sunflower seed oil moisturizes and softens skin.

Even the QR code has satsuma on it. Cute, isn't it?!

The puree is light and the description made by The Body Shop is just right, from the airy refreshing feeling to the bursting citrus scent which is like a perfume. The scent last all day long on the body. It is suitable for those with normal skin, mine is a bit more dry, the puree moisturizing feeling only last for 2-3 hours. I need something heavier. But this puree is still a wonderful addition and when feeling 'dry', I can just top it off again so the hydrating and bursting aroma comes back to life.


Product description
This hand cleanse gel keeps hands clean while on the go. It has a juicy satsuma scent.
  • Instant cleansing
  • Handbag-size
  • No water required
  • No triclosan

The second item is the hand sanitizer ^0^ a powerful anti bacterial gel equipped with satsuma.


The feeling is almost like most hand sanitizer, fresh, aromatic and help kill the germs with alcohol more than 70%. Due to the high alcohol level, please do be careful when using them around kids, or when letting the kids use the product as it can be lethal. This is made only to sanitize the hands, keep rubbing and gently massage the hands until fully dried and the alcohol evaporated, do not use it when ones is about eating with hands (not utensils). Do not lick the hands/fingers. Water and soap is still the best option when possible.


Talking about soap, this is the shower gel from the Satsuma family. A delicious clear orange gel that gives the skin bubbles and cleanliness with a zesty feeling of oranges. Like I'm soaking myself into the juice and sucked all the scents from within into the skin.

The clean feeling is enough, not a drying effect, but more to the comfortable zone.


This soap-free shower gel contains zesty satsuma essential oil and has a refreshing citrus scent. Soap-free Lather-rich Refreshing citrus scent

The soap free formula is the major factor for those with skin sensitivity like my husband. His sensitive skin appreciate the soap free formula since there wont be that waxy residue that may irritate his skin. This is the first layer that can give the skin strong satsuma aroma.

Tips: Sometime I use satsuma with another variation from the flower family or other fruits. It's like fruit punch ^0^ hahahaha, imagine taking a shower with Strawberry Shower Gel, using Olive Body Butter on dry and rough area, Body Puree from Satsuma for the rest of the area, then spritz some Mango Body Spray. It covered the fruity, zesty, fresh, warm, sweet, and delicateness.

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