Thursday, July 18, 2013

[Rojukiss] Enca Acne Control BB Cream from WISHtrend

Hi ladies!!!

It's like super duper crazy these past few weeks... rrr years, I think since I start blogging haha ^0^ the products are endless. Events, gatherings, meetings, it's becoming a full time job now. I'm happy to anyone or any company that understood that and send me their products by knocking on my door.

Don't get me wrong, I love events and meetings in the town but the traffic can be a real pain.

A company called WISHtrend based in South Korea, a couple days ago they sent me a BB Cream called Enca Acne Control BB Cream.


Here are the details, please do visit for more info.


Below are the details from the back side of the packaging:


This is quite a complicated product, it provides whitening, soothing, hydrating, anti acne and suitable for those with wrinkles, sensitive and oily skin. It pretty much sums up ALL the stuff we're looking for in a product. Is it too good to be true?

Here's my review, start from the before look:


I have fine lines, deeper lines made by laughing and other facial expressions, a bit sensitivity on the upper cheeks, zero acne, light oils on T-Zone, and I definitely opt for a hydrating products... all the time.


I don't see any options or selections of skin tone, so probably it's an one size fit all BB Cream. The texture is a bit rich, the shade is a mixture of sand and beige, the aroma is like a fresh herbs, it was unique but nice.

Remember to put on moisturizer before any BB Cream since no BB Cream can replace skincare.


This is my after look, clearly seen the skin appears whiter in an instant and a bit unnatural, which can be tackled with a loose powder exactly matched my skin tone. The feeling when using the BB Cream is pretty light, comfortable and I guess it helps remove excess sebum. Those with oily skin can definitely use this BB Cream.

Fine lines and large pores also covered lightly and the thickness can be easily added by applying 1-2 more times, so I can see why the details are medium-heavy coverage.

There's no feeling of stickiness since the BB Cream is more to the matte than dewy finish.

Below is my close up look and I hope it sums up the details of my experience.


Thank you WISHtrend ^___^

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