Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Kerastase Initialiste

Hello lovelies!!!

How's your hair today?

Looking gorgeous and full of lustrous stands? Or dry, brittle, and coarse like mine? Raise your hand if you happens to have not so good hair condition and wishes to change it. I raise my hand ^^

I want my hair to be improved in terms of stronger, fuller, and shines in the most healthiest way possible.

Please do read more HERE.


This is the actual product and look at the beautiful golden packaging. It reminds me a lot of a serum for the face. I love it. Finally, the one for the scalp is made. This is beyond tonic, this is serum for the hair where it will activate the stem cells inside our root where it will repair itself, be young and 'fruitful' again.


The serum is like a milky gel in terms of texture and smells really fragrant, like mild fresh flowers. On the scalp it was easily accepted and doesn't leave a residue. The process also quite pleasing and relaxing, with a gentle massaging movement. There's no sting feeling or any other discomfort, it was really like a serum, a smooth serum.


The serum doesn't give me any instant result, it's more like an investment where I see the real action in the coming months. The new is hair is the main focus of the serum. 


Use it after washing the hair like when after taking a shower. With the conditioner and mask and anything that I want to do with the hair. Then, toweled dry the hair and put only 2-4 pipette for the whole head, how? Use the opposite V shape from the center of the head and draw that V shaped line using the serum by gently squeeze the pipette while making the V.

Massage the scalp for a couple of minutes and no need rinsing. Followed by a leave in serum/lotion for the hair. Dry the hair like usual or style it the way you like it.


I'm not using any hair tonic or any other treatment for the scalp while using Initialiste. I'm also avoiding using it while my scalp is irritated or when there's problem. So please do consult and check the scalp at any Kerastase's salon where they'll be able to advice to use it or later (after the scalp is healed).

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