Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Healthy Face Movement with Etude House

Hi everybody,

in terms of participating for Etude House Indonesia newest campaign where the theme is Healthy Face Movement, I'm creating 3 video respectively.

The first video is about basic skincare, cleaning the face before skincare is put on and some tips from me as well, here it is:


After the skincare is setting down, I'm starting with the base using CC Cream and BB Cream Cotton Fit from Etude House Family. It is a very easy and simple look which is suitable for a daily activity. I think anyone can create this kind of makeup look.


Most of the video or vlog is about creating a look and not teaching us about cleaning it. The 3rd video is about removing makeup. My tips is always start with the toughest makeup like the ones that are waterproof and on delicate areas, such as eyes with many waterproof makeup: mascara and eyeliner. Remover for the eyes can be used for the lips as well, especially for those using waterproof lip colors which has become a trend again recently.


Thank you, I do hope you enjoy the videos and the tips as well. Never forget that the skin need to breath, so try not to use makeup all the day. Once in a while, let them feel the air ^______^

Check out: https://www.facebook.com/etudehouseindo for more information regarding Healthy Face Movement.

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