Tuesday, July 9, 2013

CHANEL Glossimer in 168

Hi ladies,

a new item from Hong Kong has been shipped via my hubby's luggage yesterday ^^ he bought me a CHANEL lip gloss when I specifically asked for a lip stain. Ce's la vie a review is still made for I've been using it since a couple days ago and  ... I do love it. The color, the brilliance and moisturizing effect as well.


Above is my before look, and below is the product.

I'm using it directly on the naked lips without lipstick, so the images of my before is purely just using the lip gloss.


Details from www.chanel.com:

Gorgeous shimmer and a high-shine glow is delivered effortlessly to lips with just one stroke of this best-selling lipgloss. A wide range of shades, from sheer and natural to sparkling and rich, look beautiful on their own, or over your favorite CHANEL lipstick. Equally beautiful: the conditioning formula's comfort and long wear.


The price is around 300 HKD and from the packaging and exterior is like other luxurious product. Not really scented, the key factor of the success is mainly from the vibrant color, intensity and amazing shimmering glossiness. Like the lips become instantly so juicy and irresistible. The formula felt rich and comforting on the lips.


Sealing and coating the lips beautifully, it's like the gel are creating a thin film, comfortable and doesn't feel heavy. They are still attracting hair to stick alright but the feeling on the lips are not sticky. Some lip gloss feels a bit uncomfortable for long wear, start from drying the lips to overly oily feeling. CHANEL Glossimer gives me a very nice moisturizing effect while protecting the lips with a sparkles of shines and colors without fail. I've noticed I'm reapplying it far less often than when using other brand.



it's an irresistible lip gloss with bright colors and brilliant shines, layer the lips in comfortable gel-ish like formula and stays on for hours and hours. Use it after a lipstick to add dimension color gradation. Highly recommend it for the sparks, coating ability and long lasting. 

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