Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Take Lipocils Expert Challenge

Hello gorgeous!!

I think right now most of beauty enthusiast are aware of the brand called TALIKA. Especially, for their Lipocils Expert that deliver result for a longer, curler, and darker lashes in 4 weeks. This is my third time using the product. The first one works, the second one as well, and many are raising questions as will it keep working and adding those special features for the lashes?


Same wonderful product, a fresh new one is ready for my third adventure with TALIKA.


Still simple and friendly for the skin near the eyes and since it is made by ophthalmologist, the product is definitely safe.

The spongy applicator for the lower lashes and roots, while the lashes are gently brushed with the brush given.


Above is the image for applying lower lashes, and below for the upper lashes. The feeling is plain, although some may experience a bit sting at first, the sting feeling usually reduced after 30 seconds and wont affect the eyesight.


Stay tune for my weekly update on my facebook page. The final post of before and after will be made after 4 weeks of using it.

Thank you so much TALIKA Indonesia.

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