Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Body Polish and Creme de Corps Nurturing Body Washing Cream

Hello lovely ladies,

Two items from Kiehl's are here and it's for the body ^0^ Washing Cream and Body Polish.


Details from

Washing Cream:
A nurturing body wash that thoroughly cleanses and moisturizes skin for a smooth, soft feel.
  • Soothes and pampers dry and sensitive skin
  • Unique, skin-soothing ingredients derived from nature help maintain skin's moisture balance
  • Silky, creamy formula is non-drying and lathers instantly in the bath or shower for a wonderfully indulgent bathing experience
Body Polish:
A luxurious, creamy formula with rich natural butters and ground Luffa Fruit that exfoliates body skin without drying.
  • Nurtures skin with Pure Honey and Soy Milk Protein
  • Leaves skin comfortably soft, smooth, and primed for moisturization
The Washing Cream looks like a creamy paste of pearls, it is glowing like a pearl. The scent is a bit faint and almost like there's not even a scent.


On the body the cream doesn't lather that much, in fact it seems like there are minimum amount of lathering. Those who are a huge fans of bubbles won't enjoy this product for sure. It is most suitable for those with dry-sensitive skin since the washing cream gently cleanse the skin with this pampering ingredients, for me it feels like I'm using a lotion instead of a cleanser.

Now, for the Body Polish, I love it!! The comforting milky and honey scent is wonderful. The scrub sizes is just enough, not too big and not too small. So I think it is perfect for the body. I've used it like 2 times a week and enjoy every moment of it, the beads help the skin to exfoliate gently by massaging in circular movement. The motion and ingredients also help the blood circulation under the skin. During rinsing I feel like all the accumulated dead cells and my exhaustion went away along with the milky residue.

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