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Initialiste Advanced Concentrate by Kerastase

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Lately, in the beauty world, there's this thing called Stem Cells as one of the key items in their products. From moisturizers to serum, they all raving and using stem cells. But, what is Stem Cells?


Stem cells are biological cells found in all multicellular organisms, that can divide (through mitosis) and differentiate into diverse specialized cell types and can self-renew to produce more stem cells

So in a way, it's a "living" things that we found on living objects and actually a part of that living objects which is "taken" or brilliantly processed to keep it being active and later on help the skin to renew themselves. It can be from plants, algae, or other living objects.

Why do we need it? Over the time and as we usually say when we aged, the stem cells functionality will decreased and wont be able to perform like before. So the cells wont regenerate and maintain life as good as when we're young. This is due to external and internal factors.

These stem cells are made accordingly, in the beauty world the stem cells used for our skin cells to be younger, well in the current trend right now, it is for the skin, like Advanced Genifique from Lancome (Please read it HERE). It helps the skin to "heal" and regenerate, now, Kerastase has made one for the hair follicle and hair regenerations.

Apparently stem cells also located strategically for our hair renewal process:

The 2 stem cells pools are needed for our hair to regenerate and renew too. Now, Kerastase, with their love for hair, expertise and focus has come up with a new product, stem cells for the hair? It's Initialiste.


The plant based stem cells which is carefully selected based on research.

The exceptional knowledge of hair from the Recherche Avancée L’Oréal with the perfect mastering of new plant biotechnological processes enabled the development of the revolutionary INITIASLITE technology, based on plants’native cells and their high regenerating power. Digged from the heart of plants, this precious organic material reveals unsuspected biological activity. Indeed Plants have innate property of self regeneration which enables a forest that has been destroyed by fire to grow again or a rosebush to blossom again abondantly after a spring-cut.Its ressources to adapt the constraints of its environment are immense and way more developped than the Human’s ones. For the first time, KERASTASE creates the REGENERATOR COMPLEX ® that integrates the extroardinary potential of plants’ native cells, true « life pools », for the Hair beauty : to make it grow more beautiful and stronger.

The REGENERATOR COMPLEX ® Efficiency at the source for a healthy and beauty-glowing hair. Imagined and developped as a skincare serum, the formula integrates the Regenerator Complex ® It optimizes the production of hair fiber from its roots and reinforces resistance and elasticity of hair fiber for a perfect hair.


So you see, it's about creating a perfect hair. Not the one that already "come out" but for the one that about to go forth from the root. All the products available on the market right now, from the shampoo to conditioner and mask, are mostly for the hair, now for the future hair. Initialiste is mainly for the future hair and later, all the way down.

On below image is the product, the packaging looks really like a serum made for facial usage.


The fragile stem cells now has Initialiste with stem cells from apple,

(image from Google search)

  + Anti-oxydant polyphenols to help fight oxydative stress (from what we know as pollution and UV). Gluco-lipide that reach into the primary pool. 

 The lipid part consolidates the structure of the external folicular shaft enhancing significantly the stem cells’environnement. The gluco part constitutes an energetic reserve which boosts the cellular metabolism and enables a qualitative hair growth.

+ A New generation of ceramids imitate the natural hair ceramids.
They take place in the inter-scales spaces to reinforce resistance and capilar fiber cohesion. Immediately hair is coated, softer and shinier.

"Today the beauty of hair comes from the inside."

Below is how-to-use the product:


Initialiste is used on step 3, which is after we cleaned our scalp and hair with shampoo, and after treat (conditioner or mask), rinse them all out and towel dry the hair. Drop 2 or 4 pipettes accordingly to the scalp and massage. It's like a leave in products but for the scalp. It's like a hair tonic but works much better and perform better as well.

The introductory is just amazing and I can't wait to try the ritual next week for my pampering moments with Kerastase and Lancome. Stay tune!!! I will share with you live via twitter @c13v3rgirl and twitpic too. I'll make a video and blogpost as well. One for the scalp and hair with Kerastase Initialiste and one for the face with the new Genifique from Lancome called Advanced Genifique.

I've been abusing my hair for years, with constant colorings process with and without the bleach, perm it, straighten and daily chores like hair drying and hot curling iron. I rarely use hat nor umbrella to protect them and only a few time using hair products that contains UV protection (there are products contain UV protection for the hair you know?! Yet, it seems like it's not the 'trend' now using UV protection for the hair, we need to start making it an 'it' thing to do ^^

As we protect our hair from external aggressors, let's start making the new one improved, not just better, but perfected with Initialiste.

The images is provided by Kerastase Indonesia.

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