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Laneige Beautiful Blogger Challenge (June 2013)

Hello everybody,

how are you today? I hope you're fine and fabulous! A couple days ago I just went through a challenge with Laneige. 10 bloggers are gathered in one place to do a makeup look, not just any makeup look, Korean dewy gorgeous look.


The stage is set and all of us come with excitement and wonders of what will come for us. I know for sure that Laneige itself is a superb brand with a lot of award winning products. The "Snow" inspired brand gives the skin moisture and hydration that will help the skin achieve a healthier, plump and in the end a younger looking skin. I've been reviewing Laneige products for years now and still in love with how awesome they are. I'm glad they are back in Indonesia (Click HERE).

Soon the event began with Ms. Nadia, PR from Laneige explaining about the brand. Their attention to beautifies the skin is amazing not only the research done but the texture, scent, packaging and the sensation that any user will have. I've tried their famous products from the beginning: HERE, to their no.1 item which is the Water Sleeping Pack (HERE) which I think anyone has to try at least once in their life and their Water Bank Essence for any skin type (HERE). And now, invited to participate in the event where I can try more of their wonderful products.... I'm so happy and grateful.

Thank you for inviting me =^__^=

Happy to experience more of Laneige and be a part of this challenge where there will be beauty bloggers all around the world who will compete to be Laneige Beauty Blogger Ambassador from each country, woo hoo!

Laneige itself is born in September 2004 where their main focus is women in their 20's but now I've read many testimonials from women over 40 where they've used Laneige for years and in love with their products. In this post you'll read some of the reasons why Laneige is loved by many and why you should try their products as well.


After explaining the products, how to use, video makeup demo, and given us the products, products? Yes! They wont make us do a Day and Night look without any cosmetics, wont they?! The package is so heavy, it means they gave us a lot of items \^0^/

Look at them, from skincare series, base, to colors. The lipsticks, primer, eyeshadow, eyeliners, and many more @__@ Thank you so much Laneige Indonesia. If you want to know more about their products and don't want to missed any promo or events please do open their website and like their facebook page:

Now, I'm ready for the challenge ^^

Here's my before look as I'm getting ready for the challenge of creating Day and Night look using the items provided. We are not allowed to use other items than given. Brush and sponges? Provided.

All the participant has to clean their face before starting, the Oil Free Cleansing Liquid is my choice and I'm crossing my fingers hoping someday I can give you a full review on that item. But so far I manage to give you mini review during the trial/usage at the event, the gel like liquid is amazing, it lifts up all impurities without any residue and suitable for dry skin, sensitive and oil combination as well. Impressive isn't it?!


Look at me, clean and fresh ready for some skincare. In Laneige world, skincare is very important and not a step should be left behind, I'm completely on board. For me the skin is the canvas, so it should be soft, smooth, and most of all, healthy. When the canvas is ready, any makeup will look great on it.

Yes, healthy skin is the base of all makeup, we can put as little makeup/coverage as needed and a gorgeous look can be easily created when the canvas is flawless. But fret not, it's better late than never, if you haven't start taking care of your skin, now is the time to start and later on, with diligence and the right products for your skin, you can get that luminous Korean look you're always adore.

The key is to use beauty products that promote hydration, able to shares the details well enough to any customer, including the research and the result. A high quality beauty products including skincare and makeup should feel comfortable on the skin, in short term and long term. And Laneige, is one of the brand I recommend. Laneige provide hydration, sun protection, feels really good on the skin, comfortable for short term including instantly and after years and years of usage, they still do. Faithfully caring for the skin.

On Laneige website ( anyone can read the details on each product in English or Korean language. Ingredients, how to use, how much in each usage and products benefits are all there.


Look at them, the packaging itself reminds me of how the skin can turn translucent and gives this beautiful pearly glow. These are one of the range from the White Plus Renew, from the lovely skin refiner which is used like a toner. Don't worry, in the video below, I'll show you more of these wonderful products from the beginning until the last makeup including how to's and step by step.

The experience of using the products given is pleasing, all about comfort and simplicity but with optimal result. The Emulsion is rich enough to help moisturize the skin without being greasy nor oily. The essence also wonderful, it's milky white and gives the skin a smooth finish. These three products used may help detoxifies inner skin, replenish skin nutrients, refreshed the skin, keep it hydrated, and improves dark and dull skin tone for a lighter and brighter complexion.

Wanna see the the products?


And the product used after the skincare is the primer. The one that helps my redness to disappears and instantly looks fairer.  Sorry, I wont be able to show images as the lighting during the event was a bit off, it wasn't able to give me a clear view for a photo, I can see the result on the mirror, but not with a camera, therefore (again) there's a video I made at home right after the event (which I made until midnight on the same day ^^) so all of you can see my step by step, my experiences in using the products, and witness how easy it is using them. Like fool-proof.


Here they are, the White Plus Renew in clearer view, the 3 skincare, the 3 basic for a brighter complexion.

The base for my look is a light green Water Supreme Primer Base SPF 15 that correct reddish and dark skin tone for clear complexion with Deep Dimension Water smoothly refines the skin surface and Optimal Mineral Water and 3D Hydra Technology (WOW) for that protective barrier on the skin, bottom line, it prepare the skin for makeup and helps them to last longer.

Then, the product highlight at the moment, the best seller, the one that gives the skin a 5 in 1 benefits. Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++.


I've review this item before: HERE, but it seems like the more I use it the more I found it to be super duper wonderful. From the refreshing effect, natural glow look, pretty packaging, huge mirror, long lasting effect and the cute bouncy cushion plus the white slash navy blue sponge. All the bloggers at the event says this is their most favorite item. I can clearly see why (


The high SPF 50+ PA+++ for an all day protection to the finishing effect of a healthy skin, to the just enough coverage creating flawless skin. Have a different shade than mine? Don't worry! The Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++ also comes in various shades for different skin tone.


Then, finish it off with a touch compact powder called Laneige Water Supreme Finishing Pact SPF 25 (Impressive! Most of Laneige beauty products contains SPF for they really understand the best way to keep the skin young and fresh is by protecting them from the sun). The compact powder used only on the outer side of the face. So the inner side still embodies a dewy and radiant looking skin. I learn this tips also from Romeo (Click HERE).

Cool isn't it?!

Now some colors for the lips. Each of us are given two lipsticks. One with a jelly-like texture and another that gives the lips not just color, but moisturizing effect as well.


Peach and pink in the best possible form possible to help me create a plump lips, irresistible and smooth.The packaging looks simple yet sophisticated and beautiful.


Top it off with a gloss, a very pretty gloss that I can use every hours, it feels comfortable, smells berrilicious and cover imperfections on the lips such as dry, chapped, and flakiness too. The pink color gives anyone a younger look without fail.


I have several favorite products here, not just the Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++, but the Multi Professional Shadow too. Who doesn't?! The 4 pre-matched colors are not just eyeshadows for me, but a shimmer, highlighters, eyeliners, eyebrow fillers, and shading device too, but instead of normal shading where it is dark and gloomy, this one is sparkles and gives the skin a light reflecting ability that boost radiance.

The Professional Selection Blusher in Pink Gradation for that fresh touch of pinkish cheeks, like we're in love or something ^^

At least I am, in love with these products. They made to work! And they work so well on my skin. Effortless.


Natural Brow Liner-Auto Pencil in Stone Grey. A retractable auto pencil which is like a soft crayon for the brow. Able to help me define the brow. As the Korean like their brow thick and natural, I try not to create angle but follow my brow's original shape. The brush is soft yet firm, suitable for brushing the brow to create a delicate brows. I add a bit mascara on my brows as well for the night time look.

For me, I always start my makeup from my brows, continue to the eyes area, move to the cheeks and the lips are the last. I've notice that other bloggers has different methods, I think you may create your look on the steps you see fit and suitable for you. It's the freedom of creations.

Multi Shaping Eyeliner Over & Inner Liner in Brown, a very comfortable smudge and waterproof tools that help create a fine lines for the inner side of the eyes, the outer side? I'm using the Extra Easy Eyeliner that really proven to be easy.


 I really love these items as they are super easy and I would recommend them for amateurs.

Last but not least, the mascara. I've used it before as well (Click HERE) and it haven't failed me. It create zero weight (not that heavy sticky mascara feeling), zero flake (expect zero droppings), and zero smudge (so no panda eyes). The formula also feels so smooth on the lashes during application. A product this good it must be difficult to be removed right? NO! Warm water alone is enough and no need using harsh chemical nor oily cleanser that will bother the eye sights. I think Laneige has put so much thoughts and attention for us in making these products. So we can decorate our face with full easiness, success guaranteed (or at least easy to learn) and gentle to the skin.

Some of their makeup even have skincare benefits or at least protective properties to the skin. Interesting facts isn't it?!

And now, let me show you my before after look I've made in the event.


As mentioned above, the lighting on the set is a bit difficult for me to capture that glows on the skin, so I've tried using different cameras:


Psst! I'm using Diva Soul contact lenses in purple, that's why my eyes looks purplish.

Above is my Day Look and below is my Night Look taken using my phone's camera. The Day Look is soft, natural and put emphasize on the flawless skin.

The Night Look is more to the intensity of the eyes and add more glow to the skin so the look glow more in the darkness of the night sky.


Yet, still the glow is being covered by the lights. I'm thinking of making another looks at home.

When making my way back home, I felt so honored selected as one of the beauty bloggers invited by Laneige Indonesia, I feel like receiving love letter when I got the invitation ^^ heehee, still so happy.

Thank you!!!

Below is the video I've made when I reach home from the event, I feel tired and it must be shown on the skin as well (and definitely the eyes too), but somehow the skincare and makeup from Laneige able to boost up my look where it become fresher and more alive.

Here's the video:

What do you think about my step by step guide? Very easy, right?! If I can do it, anyone can!

Here are the after images taken after the video is done:


Finally, my indoor lighting able to help me "gathered" enough to show the glows and radiance on my skin. The looks that feel so light and comfortable. Natural radiance for day time and luminous glow for night look, all using Laneige products.

Stay tune for more reviews, tutorials and look from me with Laneige.

Some images taken from a photographer by Laneige Indonesia, like I said above, unfortunately the lighting and maybe camera there wasn't able to 'catch' the glow ^^.


(Day Look)


(Night Look)

That's all!

Kamsahamnida \^0^/

PS: When I was asked about Laneige, I imagine a fresh snow from the sky, it is light, pure, cooling, hydrating, refreshing and most of all, beautiful.

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