Saturday, June 29, 2013

PG Kinuhada Komachi and PG Uruoi Komachi

Hello everyone!!!

So happy to be back on the blog ^0^ I'm excited to share with you two new items from Japan. I guess by this point most beauty enthusiast are aware there are so many beauty products from Japan that has been a breakthrough. They keep inventing new products to makes our life easier and well ... prettier too!


The details are all in Japanese, so I'm going to share from my experience point of view. I'm learning Japanese language now, but still on the basic conversation level heehee, I haven't been able to read any kanji yet ^^. Okay, back to the product. The two items seems so simple, PG Kinuhada Komachi means PG Silk Skin Komachi, a peeling gel for the skin. And PG Uruoi Komachi = PG Moisture Komachi. An all in one moisturizer for the skin. 

One as an exfoliating product, one for the moisturizer. I'm going to share about Kinuhada first, I've tried this kind of gel before, there are many brands and products on the market, it helps to remove dead skin cells without aggravating the healthy skin, however I can't seem to use some of them on my face, while some can, I think even thou' they claimed to be the same, there must be differences.

Some that can't, may cause acne and other discomfort. PG Kinuhada Komachi is one of the can ^^


This is the gel, a clear cute gooey gel. Put it on a dry skin and gently spread the gel. In a matter of seconds dead skin will start emerging, like shown on the image below:


Without the need of scrubbing or harsh movement, the dead skin cells just gathered easily. I don't feel any discomfort, any heat, pain or allergic reaction. It's even quite fun looking at the dead skin cells comes off in a jiffy heehee.

And the result is a clean soft and clear skin from all debris. This is super cool! It helps the skin to regenerate. I think it is best to be used like 1-2 times a week and not in the morning. Maybe when I'm taking shower in the afternoon so the 'new' skin have time to get used to the 'outside' world before meeting the sun.


And I'm following the routine with PG Uruoi Komachi, the all in one gel... which looks like a creamy snow. This is a moisturizer which can be used like an all on one, no need using toner, essence, serum, and emulsion, just this one is enough.

It is truly a refreshing option for those in a hurry but still want to take care of their skin very well.


I love love love the texture ^^

It's really is like melted snow on the skin, the cream like gel transform into gel and absorbed by the skin easily. The skin feels refreshed, loved and pampered at the same time. It is very light on the skin yet giving them enough moisture which I think perfect to be used in this tropical climate in Jakarta. I know many people dislike using moisturizer and other beauty products, as sometime beauty products (like emulsion, lotion, moisturizer) do give the skin a greasy, sticky and oily effect (even thou' it's not really oily) but I did understand their point of view. They like their skin soft to the touch with a velvety feeling and not sticky. PG Uruoi Komachi will be a good choice for them.

Still, this moisturizer may be added with another moisturizer if needed, which is why I think PG Uruoi Komachi is so flexible and easily loved by many.

Found out more details on the product (Uruoi) HERE and (Kinuhada) HERE.

Thank you.

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