Thursday, June 20, 2013

Biotherm Aquasource for Dry Skin

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Biotherm is famous with their moisturizer, the series called Aquasource is just amazing. I've tried the one for normal skin type and this time I have the chance to try on the dry skin type.

Pink in color, a bit milky and creamy.

The scent is a bit different than the normal one, the one that I really love. The normal Aquasource is more to the fresh flowery scent while dry Aquasource is more to the powdery flower scent.


The beautiful packaging and deluxe product looks refreshingly pink and perky. You may read the ingredients and other details on their website, any website around the world. Like the details from

Step 3 of BIOTHERM’S daily hydra-mineral moisturizing ritual, this rich,
deep hydration replenishing cream is specially designed for dry skin. This hydrating cream instantly quenches dry skin with intense miniaturization for 48 hours, non-stop.

An uniquely fresh and light cream texture that melts on the skin. An invigorating fragrance of refreshing mint and citrus fruits combined with Jasmine and Musk to help awaken the sense every day.

Hydration 5 layers deep for intense and long-lasting hydration. Skin is hydrated for up to 48 hours, has a healthy radiance, feels plump and bouncy.
Apply this cream to the face and neck morning and/or evening, avoiding the eye contour area.
With Mannose, a new exclusive patented hydrator – a sugar extract responsible for stocking water in vegetal life and stimulating the regeneration cycle of the skin.

Thermal Plankton Cellular Water – 36 nutrients-rich fluid responsible for preventing moisture loss from the skin's surface.

Paraben and Mineral Oil free.

In France, all beauty products are not allowed to use Paraben as their ingredients now. It may cause cancer. So please refrain yourself from any products that contain paraben and actually mineral oil too. There are still a bunch of ingredients which is harmful or at least tested to be a bit harmful (depends on the concentrate) but in the end we just have to wait for the confirmation, like paraben.


Now, back to

This cream contains Magnesium just like the "old" formula but with the new formula, the hydrating level and sustainability increased. Not just water from the spa, but other source like Mannose.

I'm using it daily now and even thou' the cream feels rich, on the finger touch is so soft and delicate. When the cream touches the skin, it glides smoothly without fail.


It kept my skin hydrated for longer time, and so far I haven't see my skin getting dry, like with other products, usually after 6 hours the cheeks feels a bit tight or dry. With Aquasource for dry skin my skin stays in the comfort zone all day long.

And the best part is there's no 'leftover' like greasy nor oiliness. Some high moisture products gives the skin the worst effect, like oils all over, but Aquasource for dry skin is perfect. It gives my skin high moisturizing effect and the skin able to absorb and taking all those nutrients in.

I love my Aquasource, always have, always will. It's like I can't seem to get over it nor replace the product, they are special, the normal one and now the dry skin type. I used my first Biotherm in 2000. 13 years later, I'm still a big fan, from the wonderful aroma to the sensation on the skin. The beautiful texture and color, irresistible!

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