Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Make Over Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Foundation in Ochre 01

Hellooooo ^^

I'm back with one more item from Make Over. This time it's the foundation.

Lolabox send me Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Foundation in Ochre 01, suits my skin tone perfectly, but how about the texture, feeling on the skin, staying power, and bottom of it all, do I love it?


Let's start dissecting the product shall we?! Start from the packaging, the black plain box is okay, but I think the paper could be thicker for a sturdier look. The bottle is wonderful, I really like the design and would never complain on a pump bottle as it keep what's inside hygienic. Nobody wants additional germs on their face, right?!

Then the liquid, the main star of this item.


The smooth glowing liquid feels soft on the skin and easily distributed on a moist skin after skincare usage. I noticed that the product dries pretty fast, so I hurried down and blend it all on my skin.


I've tried mixing the product with a serum I have and the result is not good, the product is better to be used with a damp sponge.


The foundation after setting, add powders and colors. The foundation made the skin looks matte, covers in medium level, made the loose powder sets easier since the surface are soft and dry, and on me the foundation last around 4 hours before start melting or needs touching up.

Conclusion, a liquid foundation that is suitable for my skin tone, blend easily with a damp sponge, gives the skin a matte finish but not as a natural looking skin. The product doesn't adapt to the natural skin tone but visible as a layer of makeup. Covers large pores, very fine lines, and some discoloration too. I think this is a budget friendly makeup which gives the skin a plain makeup with minimum addition to the skin as a skincare. For around Rp.119.000 the foundie will function as it is, a simple foundation, with no 'special effect'.


  1. ce, oil controlnya gimana ? tahan 4 jam sj kah ?

  2. Hi thika,

    Yes, di muka gw sih gitu, 4 jem udah mulai deh di bagian idung, blotchy. Tergantung jenis julit juga sih, kalo oily mungkin ga sampai 4 jam ya.