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Laneige Volume Setting Mascara


how are you everyone? I hope you're all well since recently the weather seems to have a mind on their own, in a day, it can be super hot, then from nowhere there comes the rain. Not just a friendly drizzle, but a windy cats and dogs.

So I need a waterproof makeup, including mascara to help me braze into the uncertain days. And hellooo, waterproof mascara is always needed and sought after anytime. Laneige Volume Setting Mascara is said to be water resistant, sweat-proof and smudge-proof too. Interested? Read more details here.


Details from

Product Benefits

Zero Weight and Flake with Volume Gel!!
Volume Gel, which is originated from plant, helps to achieve curl silky, denser and defined lashes without smudge or clumping or flaking. Natural Carbanauba and beeswax set the lashes with just one light sweep, and the curl stays for a long period of time.
Zero Smudge with Triple Fitting Film!
Triple Fitting Film is made of flexible Triple Polymer, which helps to design a long lasting sily lashes and comforts the eyes with water-resistant and sweat-proof effects.
Easy to Remove!
Just splash your eyes with warm water. No make-up remover needed.
Double Twisted Brush!
Laneige's specially designed Double Twisted Brush coats each lashes from root to end and achieve defined lashes. No matter how many times you put the mascara on, it helps to achieve the volume that you want. The left side of the brush is for stonger volume, and the right side is to maximize the lenghthening and curling.

How to Use

STEP 1 : Apply a 1st coat
Put the wand on the root of the lashes. Zig-zag the wand back and forth for three or four times on both eyes.
STEP 2 : Apply a 2nd coat
Pull the wand up and through lashes for three or four times again to maximize the volume and separate lashes.
STEP 3: For clear eye
As you apply more, you can plump your eyelashes. Set your eyelashes with volume manicure to add shiny black coating.

Wow! It seems like the product gives the lashes a wonderful effect, perfect coating, without being difficult to be removed. Let's do reality check, shall we?!


I applied the mascara as recommended by the mua from Laneige, gently, slowly, without any zigzag movement, just apply as if I'm brushing the lashes in slow motion. The texture of the liquid is perfect for a coating, the black film does add volume to the lashes and define. For the curls, I think it added a bit but I still prefer using an eyelash curler before for a maximum impact. The mascara doesn't give me as much volume as I want, more like lengthening than volume.

It does separate the lashes nicely and the coating is adequate, especially after 3-4 times application. However I do recommend anyone to use it in a cool dry aired room as it helps the coating to sets better on the lashes. If not, every time it blinked dots of black mascara will be under the eyes. When they do, wait until they are dry before using a dry cotton bud to remove the harden mascara without any smudging.


Here's the final result,

the mascara does repeatable for 3-4 times coating, but I've tried more like 7-8 which ends up their being too heavy and breaking ups. I do love thick coating, there are only a few mascara able to do that and this one is not one of them.

The mascara stays on me for almost the whole day when the air is dry, but when it is very humid and I'm sweating there are some flakes coming off.

Cleaning wise? Easy, like mention in their details above a makeup remover is not needed and won't do, a warm water will, and if it is a bit tough sometime maybe there's eyeshadow/powders involved, use a good cleansing facial foam will do. There will be flakes looking like the lashes, but it's not, there are just the mascara coming off.

Thank you Laneige Indonesia.

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