Friday, June 14, 2013

Introducing Kawaii Beauty Japan

Hi everyone,

lately in the sns world there's a facebook page that keep getting a hive and it's called Kawaii Beauty Japan:

In a matter of a month and a half almost 300k likes gathered and it is very impressive. The title itself pretty much summed up everything I love about Japan, Kawaii, which means pretty, cute, beautiful, adorable and it's the beauty of Japan.


The page continually shares about everything beautiful from Japan, from the beauty products, tips, on products, habits, skincare to well, just about anything in life, here's some of it:

This is an example how Kawaii Beauty Japan (KBJ) shares about how the location about acne means. As a beauty blogger and well a beauty enthusiast, I look forward for these kind of information which will help me understand skin with acne condition better.

I've been to Japan and I see they have a wide variety of cosmetics, skincare and other beauty products with a full blown research on making any gal life easier and prettier ^^


From a normal makeup to products we can
 only see in Japan, KBJ will share the beauty world of cosmetics with all of their fans. Neat, isn't it?



Beside beauty,
 KBJ will also share about current trend and delicacies. We all know how cute Japanese Bento Box can be.

Healthy food also help us to stay pretty as well as healthy. The collagen, natural fresh herbs and ingredients with a whole lotta zen will be shared on the page too.


Japan is definitely Kawaii for many reasons, from the people, their creation, motto, habits, daily lifestyle, it's all kawaii.


Personally I love Japanese food, oh well, I love everything about Japan, the full 'package' about Japan. And KBJ also shares the same idea in my head, wholesome.


All the images in this post is mine and the rest are from KBJ, they share about beauty in Japan from many perspective, and onsen is definitely one of them. The hot spring with hundreds of benefits, from a plain relaxation, to detoxifying, healing, softening the skin, and many more. Each hot spring comes with different 'ingredients' where some with alkali, sulfur, or with oranges, mud or flowers, isn't it beautiful?! Don't worry, I think KBJ will share more about the wonderful onsen soon.


And who could speak about Japan excluding the nature? From the famous Fujiyama to the surrounding that we haven't heard?

Look at this beauty:


A galore of pinks and baby pinks. I would love to know about them more and someday to visit this place. Yes, this image and info about the place is available at KBJ.

Beside sharing, KBJ also have an ongoing Giveaway Campaign ^^ : You can win a product from shu uemura. Don't forget, to 'like' the page first before participating.


Last but not least, Kawaii Beauty Japan, just want you to enjoy your life to the fullest with a Japanese beauty touch to make anyone kawaii.

So, what are you waiting for "like" Kawaii Beauty Japan now and have Japanlicious day, every day!

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  1. i wilk definitely check out the facebook page!! I am obsessed with japanese stuff, all of them are super kawaii ‿◡✿