Friday, June 7, 2013

TSUYA Skin UV Under Base by Shu Uemura

Hi lovelies,

Shu Uemura has launched their TSUYA collection sometime ago, I'm in love with their pre-serum hence with since then, I've been waiting for my chance to try on the UV Under Base from the TSUYA as well.

Finally, I have my hands one one, yippie!! Thank you Shu Uemura Indonesia.


Details from


This is my before look, after cleaned, toned, serum-ed, and moisturized. I used no makeup at all at this stage and UV Under Base is next as my base and sun protection in one.

I always love the mousse texture since it is so light and friendly to the skin, with the wide variety of the mousse I can go from beige to pinkish, matte to glowing looking skin, TSUYA is in Peach color and add rosy glow to my skin.


Look how fluff the mousse is. Just press the lid around 0,1 second and you'll get around a marble size substance at first where it will somehow grow into an aired mousse around a (regular) fish ball size. Apply them first on the face and add some more if needed.


I put the product in 5 different places and noticed the zzzzzz sounds as tiny bubbles pops or like when I put an effervescent in a glass of water.

There are methods recommended by Shu Uemura on their website on application:



start on the top of the cheek bones, where the skin is the thickest, and move outwards.


around the mouse

apply a sheer amount from the outside toward the lips.



this is the area where skin gets oily. apply a sheer amount.



like the nose, this area is also where skin gets oily. apply a sheer amount.



the skin of the eye area is thin and moves a lot. applying a heavy amount will emphasize the wrinkles.

apply a sheer amount.



apply a sheer amount also on neck to unify with the face tone.

it is also important to protect the neck from UV rays.


This is how it's looks like on my face before I blend them well on the skin and setting in. If I use too much (for pressing the cap more than 0.1 second) I dab a tissue along the hairlines since usually there where they are the most.

The texture is slightly heavier than the other mousse I have (also from shu uemura) and feels richer on the skin too.


Here's after the mousse blended well on the skin. It added a glow on my skin and looks healthy. I choose not to top it off with foundation but only with a light loose powder so the glow wont be covered and fade away.


After the loose powder I added some colors and voila, the looks stay with me almost the whole day, Radiant, natural and looks lovely.


A perfect base for those who are looking for a touch of rosy glow, natural, healthy and radiant look. Give the skin an adequate sun protection suitable for daily use, super easy and simple in terms of application and travel friendly as well for the skin to feel and look good with minimum touch up. Light on the skin, as if I'm using none, sheer coverage and help enhance the skin natural condition.

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