Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MAKE OVER Ultra Shine Lipstick No.10 Down To Brown.

Hello everyone,

lately I've been hearing about Make Over and it seems like they have created quite a buzz out there. The tag is #Cheap #Indonesian #MadeInIndonesia #ItWorks. Those who've tried them must have understand what I meant. They are affordable, suitable for end users and makeup artist and work well as a makeup.


Make Over has opened a lot of counters throughout Jakarta (in the malls) and seems like keep getting good raves from customers, and finally, this month, thanks to Lolabox, I manage to try one of their item. The lipstick. The Ultra Shine Lipstick No 10 which is Down to Brown. Personally I have no expectation to this product as I think it is a simple makeup item which does what it does best, decorating the face.

The texture of the lipstick is okay, quite firm, not hard, but in the middle of firm and not easily break like those high moisturizing lipstick which easily melts and mussy. But at the same time this lippy doesn't give the lips hydrating effect but not overly drying as well. If I have to put them into a score it will be:

Long lasting

And here's my look using the lipstick.


Do I like the color? Not really, I think it is suitable for those working in the office where seriousness is the key in their daily life, like showing they meant it ^^ or when ones want to look natural in an earthy kinda way.

Overall, it is a good lipstick that does what it does, without any additional effect (like skincare infused makeup), or at least in the minimum level of skincare, worth the value in terms of the lipstick itself is NOT expensive, and I can see why so many people are raving it. It's a simple product that works just as it is!

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