Monday, June 17, 2013

Lancome Advanced Genifique

Hi beautiful ladies,

look what Lancome just did, they've made a new, far more advanced Genifique with Genomics and Proteonomics behind it.

I know, there has been numerous beauty products that is infused with this Stem Cells thingy. Let's see it from Lancome point of view.


The exterior is almost identical with the previous Genifique, now added with,

Details from

Lancôme introduces New Advanced Génifique for smoother and more radiant skin that you can see and feel. First results in just 7 days.*

An exclusive innovation: the advanced self-loading dropper that gives you the perfect dose of serum for each application.

Reactivates the 10 key signs of youth, day and night. This innovative formula, featuring Génifique’s powerful new complex with added biotechnology-derived ingredient, is incredible to the touch.

*self-assessments- 34 women- 8 weeks
Reactivates the 10 key signs of youth, day and night.

Clinical results after 8 weeks
(% of improvement noticed)

Fine lines +42%
Wrinkles +46%
Radiance +52%
Clarity +47%
Even skin tone +42%
Texture +57%
Resiliency +49%
Elasticity +50%
Firmness +49%
Sagginess +47%

Here are some addition from Lancome Indonesia:


I'm not really familiar with most of those words but I know anti-oxidant, defense, exfoliation and hydration, skin barrier, and last is the structure. And they are all about the function of our skin and by using Advanced Genifique, it will help the skin to perform better. At least the 6 main function of the skin.


More difficult words here ^^ but the key is about Equation of Youth. The 10 visible and tactile signs of aging: Fine lines, coarse wrinkle, radiance, clarity, evenness, texture, resiliency, tonicity, firmness, sagginess.


The 10 visible signs can be effectively reduced by using Advanced Genifique on a daily basis, 2 times a day. The product gives the user a more pampering experience, faster absorption, and fresher result. There's a slight differences only on the exterior part of the packaging, the rose and self-loading droppers for a perfect measurement. So there's no need of pressing the cap, as each time I closed the lid and there's a click sound, it was doing a self-loading effect in the droppers.

Of course when one wants to use it, press the inner circle of the cap for extracting the liquid.


Here's a bigger image on the chart:


Tactile = something related to the senses, which in here, touchable.


So Advanced Genifique gives visible and feel-able result.


Okay, I know that you an actual user experience from this post. And here I am, I'll share my experience in using the product.


The texture is somewhat the same like the previous Genifique but it does feels fresher on the skin and instantly absorbed as well. Somehow, the gel-like fluid is lighter to the touch. I love the 'old' version but this improved advance formula is even likeable than the previous one.

I love how the skin reacts to the serum, feels so hydrated in a jiffy without any weight. No greasy, sticky, nor discomfort, 100% pure pampering and fulfilling at the same time. The skin feels rejuvenated, firmer but not tight, succulent, peppy, all in a healthy way possible. It's the kind of product which I'm easily falls in love for the first usage.


The serum may be packed with ingredients that helps relieves 10 signs of agings but feels not heavy at all on the skin. I know that some anti aging serum that provide multiple benefits are in fact feels too creamy or difficult to be absorbed by the skin instantly. So I kinda have to wait and do various massaging movement they ask me to do.

Advanced Genifique released me from all those chores as it is (again) easily penetrated into the skin and so far I can use it with just about any other skincare I have.

How to use:

This serum or pre serum is to be used on a clean skin and after toner. Proceed with a serum of your choice like Visionnaire and then a moisturizer (followed by sun protection etc etc). Or used like it was a serum and followed by a moisturizer. Continue the routine day and night (twice a day). The result can be seen within a week and it will keep improving for weeks to come. And I will be enjoying this progress as each usage is a treat and satisfying.

Thank you so much Lancome Indonesia.

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