Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo-Complexe Beautifying Oil Masque

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After being sick for a while, finally I'm back with more products to be reviewed. A few weeks ago Kerastase Indonesia gave me a set of their new collection from the Elixir Ultime family, let's discuss the masque first.

A beautiful golden packaging which represent what's inside, it does reminds me a bit of a luxurious jewelery box. Golden encrusted with a whole lotta goodness for the hair.


The 24 carat smooth cream texture is just delightful, describe it as:

Enriched with a high concentration of precious oils, moisturising serum and lipidic compounds.
Leaves hair feeling luxuriously nourished and soft to the touch.

There are a number of video by Kerastase for the products:


As seen it's not just about the masque but the whole ritual like the one I've shared during my visit to Irwan Team salon. But on this post alone, it will be about the masque. The sweet powdery and sophisticated scent felt so rich and ... expensive ^__^ like it was made for those who wants the best in life.


I must admit, the experience at home and at the salon is indeed different, it is far more relaxing there and we just need to sit and close our eyes. At home the product needs a bit more handling. First, make sure the hair is cleaned using the favorite shampoo or the one from the Elixir Ultime series, then gently dry the hair using the towel, which means it is still damp, then apply the mask from half way through the end, avoiding the scalp or any area nears it, let the mask work through the hair. If ones have long hair like in the video, it is easy, but if ones happens to have short hair, use the masque around one teaspoon and only on the ends of the hair.

If ones have medium length hair, use a spoonful and gently work the mask from the ends to almost the half way up. I found it to be most effective for the dry hair like on the ends as somehow the rich formula soften the hair in a way like no other masque or other hair treatment ever do. Using fingers alone 'massage' the masque into the hair strands. Slowly and enjoying the scent. I'm adding my  beautifying oil with rose extract (also from Kerastase) for that added glow and wonderful aroma.

Let it sit for 5 minutes, no need 30 minutes of steaming, a good 5 minutes on its own and rinse them all away. I've noticed the hair become so soft and glowing. Dry them as usual and style it, they look luxurious and the gorgeousness stays within the hair while the fragrance still linger until the next day.


the mask make the hair not just tangle-free but adding volume, radiant and looks so much healthier than ever before in an instant.

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