Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Laneige Hydra Solution

Hi all,

I know for the complete details about the product you can read all about it on their website. So here is some of the information I've got that I found very interesting:

Hydra Solution Essence:

Product Benefits

- Contains freshly preserved Himalaya Snow water components intensively, and lightly bursts into water drop texture with gentle rub. Hydra Solution Essence immediately permeates into Skin like melting Snow providing Hydra-energy promptly.

- Speedy and powerful Hydra-energy offers deep hydration and vitalizes dull and dry complexion.

- Vitamin and amino-acid components help Skin to obtain hydration from deep inside. Plant based moisturizing factors protect and firm your face more firmed.

- Essence for hydration with anti-wrinkle and whitening effects.

Hydra Solution Cream:

Product Benefits

- Enhances Hydra vitalizing function and help your Skin look more radiant with refresh and soft texture.

- Brings more vibrant and smooth Skin look to dull and dry complexion.

- keeps well balance of richness and refreshment for combination or oily yet dry Skin type.

- combination of abundant ionized-minerals of Snow water and marine extracts leaves super long lasting hydration from deep inside of Skin.

For more info regarding the rest of the product within the range can be found in Laneige.com

What I think about their definition? Correct every word.


I got this set and I must say I really enjoy using them. The product main goal is to give skin more moisture, which I think everyone need it. But on their website the some of the products in the range is for dry skin (Activator, Essence) while other for all skin type.

Here what I like:
the texture on each product, light yet 'juicy', simple, practical and so easy to absorb. My skin feels moist yet not oily at all. Refreshed therefor it seems lightened, make up stays on better because the skin is well prepared, and that luminous glow that I really like. I know that skin needs time to regain properties from products used but with Laneige Hydra Solution (especially for dry skin) the effect is immediate. Since Laneige is made for Asian skin, I find it suitable for daily use in a tropical land like Indonesia. Some of the product within the range also have anti-wrinkle and whitening property. The scent is delicate and feminine, the packaging is lovely and luxurious, I found no contest at all in their product.

Will I use it again? Definitely!
Recommend the product for my friends? Yup.

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